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    MY POV

    We made are way up the eiffel tower. Everyone was happy and it was a beautiful night in Paris. I was walking in front with the girls but the boys held back a little for some odd reason.

    “Have you noticed the boys have been talking a lot together recently like when we walk over they’ll suddenly stop!” i asked the girls

    “No not really” replied Megan

    “Oh right just me then!” i said and carried on walking. I then heard Parker say my names, the girls heard as well and we all turnt round.

    “Tom I heard you say my name!” i said

    “Pfft no i didn’t i said palace!” he said trying to be serious

    “Haha no you didn’t it was alice!” i said “Talking abotu me once again are we boys?” i asked

    “No, no don’t be silly!” said Nath i saw him give Tom a death stare then he walked over to me

    “C’mon we aint gunna get up here any quicker by just standing here are we!” he smiled as are fingers interlocked before we headed up higher.



    I would wish the boys would just say her name a little quieter bacuse now Alicei suspectig something. Luckily we were finally at the top we all walked over to one side and just glanced over, it was a pretty amazing sight all you could see was the whole of Paris lit up.

    “Nath!” Max whispered and nudged me “You alright?”

    “Yeah, could you take everyone to the other side in a minute!” i said to himas quietly as possible, he smiled and nodded. The boys kept looking at me which made me even more nervous about it.

    “Guys me and Meg are gunna go over there, coming?” Max asked, then everyone followed as the boys sorta new the plan anyway.

    “Be over in a miniute mate!” i shouted. I made sure the ring was still in my pocket.


    MY POV

    I lent over and just looked out to the whole of Paris

    “I have always wanted to do this!” i said to Nath who moved closer to me and lent next to me.

    “Amazing isn’t it?” he smiled, i nodded.

    “I couldn’t ask for more really, i here in Paris ont he eiffel tower, with you how much better could it get?” i asked smiling at Nath

    “It could get better” he replied turning to face me

    “What do you mean?” i asked

    “Al, i been thinking we’ve known eachother for like just over 2 years now and i’ve realised your the most beautiful girl in the world and you’ve been so supportive of me and boys. I’m so glad i met you, your like the best thing thats ever happened to me!” Nath smiled

    “Aww Nath, that was pretty deep!” i replied smiling.

    “So i have been wanting to do this for a while now and wasn;t sure when the perfect time would be, but i’ve figured out that perfect time would be now!” he said, i was so confused at this point.

    “Perfect time for what Nath, you have confused me big time!” i laughed. Until i realised Nath was serious so i stopped and looked into his deep green eyes.

    “Perfect time for this!” he replied, getting down on one knee.

    “Nath, what you doing?” i asked, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a red velvet box. I stood there shocked

    “Alice, i want to spend the rest of my life with you, so will you marry me?” he asked opening the box. I put my hands over my mouth trying to mke sense of the last minute, did nathan sykes just ask me to marry him? I felt tears starting to swell up, i looked and saw the most gorgeous ring ever. I looked up and saw Nathans little face

    “Course i will!” i said, tears rolling down my face, i ran and hugged him, he span me round then we both pulled away and kissed for ages.

    GET A ROOM!” I heard Jay shout, i felt Nath smile when Jay shouted that, i pulled away

    “I love you Sykes!” i said smiling, he wiped the tears from ym face

    “I love you to Alice!” he replied as we started kissing again.

    “Alright split up, you’ll have plenty of time for that when your married!” Jay said as evryone ran over to us. I stood there and Nath took the ring from the box and slid it on ym finger

    “Nath is gorgeous!” i said hugging him once again

    “Your sure, i wasn;t sure if you’d like it or not!” he repied

    “I love it!” i said smiling. I couldn’t stop smiling and i ran over to first of all Josie and Emma

    OMG DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?” screamed Emma as they hugged me tight

    “Let me see the ring!” Josie said

    GOOD JOB ON THE RING SYKES!” Josie shouted, i laughed

    “So happy for you hun!” Emma said “I can;t belive that just happened!”

    “Did you know?” i asked them

    “No that was a huge shock!” they chorued

    “We all knew!” said the boys budging Josie and Emma out the way.

    “Congrats Al!” Max smiled and hugged me

    “Cheers guys!, wait you boys knew?” i asked

    “Yep!” siva said hugging me.



    I’m so glad, that actually went perfect and she said yes which was a bonus. We got back to the villa, i don’t think i let go of Alice’s hand the whole way home. I was stood outside with Alice, talking when everyone ran out and started spraying us with champagne, alice screamed.

    “Woooo get the engaged couple!!” Emma shouted

    “Nooooooo!” i screamed as i pulled Alice away and we ran aorund the garden i guess you could of called it basically where the pool and that was.

    GET ‘EM!” Shouted Max running after us

    “Shit!” i said laughing.

    “Nath there gunna get us, lets just stad there!” Alice said. We stopped and they all stood in front of use showering us in champagne. We started backing up not knowing the pool was behind us.

    “Watched your backs!” Ami screamed

    “What?” Alice asked too late we both fell straight into the pool. We both got up laughing then swam to the edge. They had ran out of drink now and everyone jumped in.

    “This has been a good night!” i said

    “yep i couldn’t of asked for anything else!” Alice replied as we started kissing again. Everyone staretd whistling

    “Bloody hell not in the pool take it to the bedroom!” Tom shouted

    “Okay” I shouted as we got out.


    To be Continued. Sorry this part was just either mine or Nath’s part x

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