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    I’ll be your strength

    Part 16

    Zoey’s POV

    So it’s now the morning and Siva and |Emily atill aren’t back. Maybe they did get kinky last night? ;) Hahaaa. Anyway I’m in the kitchen making ymself some toast & Jam. I’m bored stiff as no-one is up yet as it’s only 9:am which is pretty early for us lot. I can’t wait for Siva and Emily to tell us they are getting married as they are SO cute together. Bless them. I turned on the tv and I was eating my breakfast when the front door unlocked. I looked up and it was Siva and Emily. “Hello, you two.” I told them. They looked up and smiled.

    “Where’s everyone else?” Siva asked.

    “Are you really that stupid to ask that question? They are still in bed.” I told them.

    “Well, ok. Seev, can we tell her now?” Emily asked Siva and he nodded. “Well, Zoey guess what. Me and Siva are well. Getting married.” Emily said with excited.

    “WHO’S GETTING MARRIED??” Chloe shouted from the top of the stairs.

    “I AM!” Emily shouted back.

    “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! AHHH! THAT’S LIKE AMAZING!” Chloe said running down the stairs over to Emily and gave her a big hug. Then Max followed her. With Sam adn Jay walking slowly behind.

    “Oh my god, there is life in the house!” I told them all laughing.

    “I can’t believe your getting married Emily. That’s so sweet!” Sam said and gave her a hug.

    “Right then, I think the newly wed couple need to go clear up after a fun ngiht out.” Max teased. Chloe hit him but we all laughed as we can tell what they got upto last night.

    “I can’t believe someone is getting married. It’s amazing.” I told everyone. Then Nicki, & Nathan walked in ahnd in hand.

    “I’m guessing Emily and Seev finally came back. We just passed them in the corridoor. Why is everyone smiling?” Nicki asked.

    “Erm, well Emily and Siva are getting married.” Chloe beamed.

    “That’s so sweet!” She said. “I’ll congratulate when they come back in.” She said walking over to the empty sofa.

    “I said that was sweet too.” Sam told her and we all laughed.

    Emily’s POV

    So we have just told everyone that we are getting married. I can’t believe it. It’s a dream come true. I got back to the bedroom with Siva and got changed and things. I was doing my hair when I noticed Seev looking at me. “Seev, what’s up babe?” I asked him.

    “Well, I was just thinking, that if I get married to someone as special as you then we should get our own flat?” He suggested. I looked at him.

    “I would love that so much.” I told him just finishing my hair and gave him a quick kiss. He grabbed my hand and smiled at me and led me downstairs. I can’t believe I’m with someone as special as Siva. He’s my prince charming. We walked into the living room and everyone was up except Tom Lazy git.

    “Congratulations you two.” Nicki said and gave me a hug.

    “I guess you found out then.” I told her smiling. She nodded and went to sit back down with Nathan. The lads just gave us a congrates and thigns. Then they were asking us questions. Sam asked when is the wedding gonna be. Me and Seev knew exactly when. “1month time. It’s all planned.” I told her and they all gasped.

    “That’s soon.” Zoey said.

    “I know, but we can’t wait so we thought we might as well ahve it sooner than later.” Siva told her wrapping his arm around my waist. This is what I wanted. I love him to peices.

    End of Part 16


    It’s long I know. By the way, mroe parts will hopefully be up more now as the christmas holiday starts on #WantedWednesday for me coz #TomTuesday is my last day. Hope your all still enjoying it xxx

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