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Part 26: What happened?


What the fuck? Did Courteney and Chloe just fall out? ANd who’s dead what? I looked at everyone else who were just stunned. Max followed Chloe out and Tom followed Courtney. I looked at Nath, Alice, Jay and Siva. What the hell? They were all stunned like me. “Ok?” I said.

“What the fuck happened there?” Alice said. “It’s not like us lot to fall out.” She added.

“I know right, we’re all like sisters.” I said.

“Well, I would go see if the others were alright but I best leave them as the lads have gone to sort it out.” Alice said. I agreed then Raven walked into the room.

“What the hell has happened? I heard shouting and came as soon as I finished my hair.” She said sitting next to Siva.

“Well, we don’t really know what happened.” I told her.

“All we know is that we think Chloe and Courteney have fell out over something but we don’t know what. We are giving them time to relax as the lads went to help them.” Ailce finished.

“Woah, everything fucked up then I guess.” Raven told us we all nodded in argeement.

“Hey, do you lot wanna go see a film or something? Or go shopping or just get out of the flat really?” Siva sked us. We all looked ta each other.

“Yeah, why not babe.” Raven said kissing Siva, Their kiss began to get more romantic.

“Guys fuck off. Go get a room.” Alice said getting up and putting on a coat as it was coming upto christmas. We all got ready and left the flat. We’ll talk to everyone else later.


End of Part 26 :)xxx

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