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    Me – Nath’s GF (Samz1998)</p> <p>Monica – Tom’s GF and my BFF (MonicaTheWanted)

    Nicole – Jay’s GF and my BFF (TWSupportersxXx)</p> <p>Chloe – Max’s GF (ChloeTheWantedd)

    Alannah – Siva’s GF and my BFF (I_Love_TW)</p> <p>Josh – Tom’s BFF (TWMaleFans)

    Evie – Nath’s BFF (EvieeRussell)</p> <p>Charley – Siva’s BFF (CharleyDaisy_TW)

    Alice– Max’s BFF (_alicethewanted)</p> <p>Shannon– Jay’s BFF (TW__Fanmily)


    I’ll understand you just give me a chance to love you more than you’ll ever know…


    2nd Fanfic


    Part 9:


    My POV:

    Nath asked me what I do for a job and I didn’t want to tell him I was singer, I only told him that I’m a hairdresser witch is my day job where as my night time job is a singer. I dunno why I didn’t want to tell him I mean I love him it’s just I guess I don’t want him fussing over it and stuff as he’s famous. He don’t even know I write songs witch is bad. I really want to tell him but then again I don’t I’ve got to apologise for snapping at him. I didn’t mean to I just don’t want anyone but the girls knowing. I’ll tell him soon just not now.


    Alannah’s POV:

    So Nath walk out the kitchen looking really upset. I think he had a argument with Sam as there was a bit of shouting. I was cuddled up to Siva and we went on our first date last week. I was really happy and he ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend I said I’ll love to and it’s sort of carried on from there. I love Siva, he’s just so perfect. I can’t wait for Christmas I mean it’s so near but sometimes it needs to come quicker. I can’t wait as I’m going back toDevonfor a family Christmas. I’m gunna miss Siva big time though I wish he could come to but he’s going back toIreland. Basically everyone’s going home for Christmas. I waiting for a white Christmas though, we never seem to get them. Anyway Sam’s just walked out the kitchen and she was crying. I stood up and gave her one of my big hugs. She got her headphones of the table, plugged them into her phone and walked out the door. She goes on a walk when she’s down. She calls it her thinking time as she just thinks everything through. I think she just wants some alone time right now. Knowing her she will be on the next train back toMilton Keynesbut I think it’s different this time.


    My POV:

    I walked out the door and now I’m walking in the park. I saw a familiar person sitting on the bench. I couldn’t work out who it was so I went and sat on the bench next to him. He turned his head and the familiar person turned more familiar it….it was Matty. He grabbed my arm and gave me one of thoughs sarcastic smiles. His grip tightened, I felt my blood flow slow down so much. He grabbed my hair and stood up. He pulled my hair so I would stand up too. He saw I was in pain but he didn’t care. He dragged me through the bushes so we couldn’t be noticed by the public. He started to punch and kick me he twisted my hand so much that all I heard was it snap. He carried on kicking me in the shins witch was painful and after that I tried to stand up and my legs just collapsed. He picked up a broken piece of glass and started to move closer to me I was really scared and didn’t know what to do he went straight for my heart I turned so he would only get my stomach, he carried on stabbing me in the stomach as I kept turning away from something that could end my life any second he gave up and lefted me battered and bruised with no phone either. I need my phone to get hold of Nath. I know we had a little argument earlier but still. I tried to crawl through the bushes but it was no use. I started to shout for help but people couldn’t work out where the sound was coming from. I carried on trying to crawl but it was just too painful. I finally reached the path I tried to sit up but I just couldn’t. I was too week I just gave in and laid on the floor with all my cuts bleeding everywhere. I must of looked like a tramp and I just felt so bad. I finally had the strength to sit up properly. I noticed these guys walk up to me I didn’t no what to say then again I was in so much pain I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t tell who they were. Then it hit me they were one direction I managed to talk a couple of words ‘do you know how much I hate you guys?’ they just laughed and called a ambulance. They walked off as soon as the ambulance got to me. I really do hate them guys. The ambulance man got me on to a stretcher and into the ambulance. I felt my eyes go heavy and slowly shut, am I dead?


    End Of Part 9

    Sorry about the cliff hanger and last bit tonight.


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