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    Max’s Girlfriend – Monica
    Tom’s Girlfriend – Lucy
    Jay’s Girlfriend – Stevie
    Siva’s Girlfriend – Sasha
    Nathan’s Girlfriend – Me (Grace)
    Max’s Sister – Amna
    Tom’s Sister – Darina
    Jay’s Sister – Ciara
    Siva’s Sister – Hollie
    Nathan’s Sister – Kira

    3rd TW Fanfic

    I’ll Be Your Strength

    Part 13

    TOMS POV...
    It was about 11am a week after we’d had the stone thrown through the window, when we phoned the police;
    ‘Hello PC.PLUM speaking, London Police, how may I help you?’ Said a woman on the other end of the phone.
    ‘Hello, this is Nathan Sykes. I was in an incident last Thursday, with some girls?’ Nathan said.
    ‘Ahh, yes, Mr.Sykes.’ The woman said.
    ‘Yeah, anyway, we’re calling to report someone throwing a stone throught our living room window with a note that said ‘We’ll Get You.’ Or something like that.’ Nathan said.
    ‘Mr.Sykes, for the evidence to count towards anything you must tell us exactually what the note said.’ the woman said.
    ‘Oh. I don’t know, 1 minutes…’ Nathan said putting the phone against his shoulder so the woman couldn’t hear anything we were saying.
    ‘I’ll go and get the paper.’ Grace said running into the living room. ‘Got it! Yeah, I does say ‘We’ll get you.’ Grace said passing Nathan the piece of paper.
    ‘Yes, I does say ‘We’ll Get You’ and also this morning we woke to find another piece of paper that had been posted through our letter box, it was telling me that my girlfriend had been sleeping with someone else!’ Nathan said.
    ‘And is this true?’ the woman asked.
    ‘Course not, and I’d rather you didn’t stick your nose into my business thanks!’ Nathan said sounding annoyed.
    ‘I’m sorry Mr.Sykes, But it’s all part of the investigation, I’m paid to ask questions like this and find out as much information as I possibly can.’ the woman said.
    ‘Sorry for snapping, It’s just this is really stressful!’ Nathan said.
    ‘I understand, these things happen all the time!’ the woman said.
    ‘Do you need anymore information?’ Nathan asked the woman.
    ‘a couple left, What time you got up and found the note?’ the woman asked.
    ‘It wasn’t actually me who found it, My band mate, Tom, found it.’ Nathan said.
    ‘Oh, what time did ‘Tom’ find the note.’ the woman asked, the phone was on loud speaker, everyone had been sat here for half an hour now listening to the whole conversation.
    ‘About half eight.’ I said.
    ‘About half eight.’ Nathan repeated.
    ‘I heard.’ the woman said.
    ‘Anything else?’ Nathan said.
    ‘Erm… Do you have any clue what so ever who is doing these things?’ the woman asked.
    ‘Me and Grace have only just got together and the band is quite popular now, so some of the fans get quite annoyed when we get girlfriends, we have a feeling that it’s a fue of them that’s doing this.’ Nathan said.
    ‘Trying to mess with our heads…’ Max added.
    ‘I see.’ the woman said. ‘Thank you very much for your time Mr.Sykes… and family, we’ll send some police officers round to your house in the next couple of hours.’ the woman said hanging up on us.

    End of Part 13.

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