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T.W.A.T 15.2.2012. ♥TheWanted♥Parade♥TT♥FTW♥Adele♥Jessie J♥GMD3♥Beyonce♥ Follow @CallumsHats & @_TWParadeLove Love you all xoxo

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Max’s Girlfriend – Monica
Tom’s Girlfriend – Lucy
Jay’s Girlfriend – Stevie
Siva’s Girlfriend – Sasha
Nathan’s Girlfriend – Me (Grace)
Max’s Sister – Amna
Tom’s Sister – Darina
Jay’s Sister – Ciara
Siva’s Sister – Hollie
Nathan’s Sister – Kira

3rd TW Fanfic

I’ll Be Your Strength

Part 9

We walked into a room to see Nathan sat on the end of a bed on his phone and Max playing football with a orange.
‘Thank god you’re okay!’ Grace said running into Nathan’s arms.
‘hey, hey, hey, come here now, what’s the matter?’ Nathan said, as Grace begun too cry into his shoulder.
‘We thought you were both really, really hurt or something. This police woman rang us and we came all the way from London we were worried sick.’ I said as Max softly kissed my forehead.
‘I’ll leave you all too it’ Mandy smiled walking back down the long corridor.
‘You could have at least phoned us!’ Grace said wiping the tears from her cheeks.
‘We weren’t aloud to use our phones when we first got here, then Tom phoned about half an hour ago and he said you’d be here soon so there was no point.’ Nathan said.
‘Well at least we know you’re safe now!’ I said.

End of Part 9

Sorry it’s short, got to go out :D xx

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