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    Me – Nath’s GF (Samz1998)</p> <p>Monica – Tom’s GF and my BFF (MonicaTheWanted)

    Nicole – Jay’s GF and my BFF (TWSupportersxXx)</p> <p>Chloe – Max’s GF (ChloeTheWantedd)

    Alannah – Siva’s GF and my BFF (I_Love_TW)</p> <p>Josh – Tom’s BFF (TWMaleFans)

    Evie – Nath’s BFF (EvieeRussell)</p> <p>Charley – Siva’s BFF (CharleyDaisy_TW)

    Alice– Max’s BFF (_alicethewanted)</p> <p>Shannon– Jay’s BFF (TW__Fanmily)


    I’ll understand you just give me a chance to love you more than you’ll ever know…


    2nd Fanfic


    Part 2:


    Josh’s POV:

    I was in the car on the way to Londonbecause I’m parting with Tom and the guys tonight apparently there friends birthday and there all going out clubbing. I was coming down from Boltonanyway. I’m ready to party. I arrived outside the posh hotel they were all staying at. I walked in and called Tom to ask him what number his hotel room was. I fount out he was on the 6th floor stuff taking the stairs I got the lift up to the guys room. We just sat down and opened a can of beer.


    Nath’s POV:

    It was now5:30we were going out at 6 and my balls still hurt oh well I was looking forward to tonight. I’m still kind of upset that Sam has a boyfriend she seems really kind and it was like love at first sight when I saw her. I didn’t tell the guys this because I know they would just take the piss, as usual.


    My POV:

    It’s now5:55and there was a knock at the door. No one was ready I was sat on my bed putting on my heels. I got up and just kicked off my heels and ran to the door. I opened it and said ‘you guys are early and them girls are still getting ready’ they laughed and Nath said ‘fine well come back in5’I grabbed there hands and dragged them in the hotel room. I ran back to my heels and quickly put them on. I walked over to the sofa and the guys took up all the sofa’s so I sat on the arm rest next to Nath. Tom said ‘WOW! This is an improvement of your chav look earlier’ offended much? ‘I’m not a chav you twat’ there where ohhhhhhh’s in the room. I stood up and knocked on the bathroom door and asked ‘are you girlies ready yet?’ the door unlocked and they stepped out in the parting dresses. Us girls picked up our handbags and walked out the door and now we were ready to party.


    Tom’s POV:

    WOW! Monica looked fit tonight. Not saying she didn’t earlier because I really like her she seems really cool. She seems like a party girl and I was just about to find out if she was. Not going to lie but all the girls looked good tonight but Monica’s just amazing.


    Nath’s POV:

    I saw Tom eying up Monica. I went over and nudged him. His reaction was hilarious ‘what? I’m not staring’ I just laughed and walked back over to Sam. Sam looked amazing I mean it’s like she’s teasing me saying that she has a boyfriend then dress up really nice. ‘Oh Nath I just need to call Matty go ahead I’ll catch up’ I replied with ‘not in those heels you’ll brake your neck I’ll stay with you’ she laughed and got her phone out of her bag. She dialled the number and I felt really awkward. She got off the phone and said ‘We need to catch up’ I knew we weren’t gunna catch up with her running in them heels so I quickly picked her up and ran to the others.


    Monica’s POV:

    So me and Tom were getting on really well. I couldn’t wait for tonight I mean I’m such a party girl and I can just tell it’s gunna be great. That was on my mind but also Sam I mean she can just wear her dress she has to wear something to go over her arms I felt really sorry for her. I’m the only one who knows about her bruises from Matty. Matty’s horrible to her he’s been abusing her for years ever since she turned 16. I don’t understand why she’s still with him. Her and Nath caught up with us and I saw Nath accidentally hit her arm really hard I saw tears form in her eyes. She stopped walking I was really confused could you be that hurt by just hitting a bruise. I walked up to her and asked ‘what’s her done to you’ she lifted up her sleeve and showed me a really big deep cut it looked really resent. I gave her a big hug and her eyes flooded with tears. Everyone started to crowd round her and she got really uncomfortable I asked her ‘are you sure about tonight?’ she nodded with a big smile on her face she wiped her eye’s and I redone her mascara. Sam didn’t wear a lot of make up because she didn’t like it. We walked into this club and it was amazing. We all walked to the bar to get some drinks. I saw that Nath was really confused about Sam. I had to talk to him but I know that I can’t tell him the truth. I pulled him away from the Sam ‘Nath I can tell you really like Sam just please don’t hurt her she’s like a sister to me’ Sam noticed I was talking to Nath she came over ‘Monica please don’t say that you’ve told him I haven’t even told the other girls’ I shook my head Nath looking really concerned. Sam looked at Nath and I walked away so she could talk to him.


    My POV:

    I saw how concerned Nath looked. I had to tell him, Monica walked away so I could talk to him. ‘Nath, you look really concerned so I’m gunna tell you. You know I’m with Matty’ he nodded ‘yeah well he’s, he’s been abusing me’ I lifted up my sleeve and showed him all my bruises. My eyes just flooded with tears he gave me a hug and said that I shouldn’t be with him and he also has no right to hurt me. I wiped my eyes and Monica was so fused over my make up so she quickly ran up to me and redone my mascara. I was going to kill her one day. I told Nath ‘can we just forget about it for tonight and just let me have a birthday to remember?’ he nodded and got his drink out of my hand. We walked over to Monica and Tom they seemed to be having a great time. Monica mouthed ‘Have you told him?’ I nodded, she smiled. We all stood up as Lightning started to play me and Monica screamed and Tom asked Monica and Nath asked me ‘do you want to dance’ we smiled and they took our hands and lead us to the dance floor. I was really happy. We stayed on the dance floor for ages. I really need a drink so I took Nath by the hand and we walked to the bar. We got our drinks and when we finished drinking we were straight back on the dance floor. This slow song came on and it was really awkward as I was dancing with Nath and it came on. He just smiled and leaned into kiss me, our lips met and it felt like electricity ran through my body. I’ve never felt like that before with anyone, Nath must be really special. Our kiss ended so we just carried on dancing but you know that feeling you get when everyone’s looking at you well I had that feeling so I turned my head and everyone was looking at us. I went really red.


    Nicole’s POV:

    So I was dancing with Jay and this slow song came one we both felt awkward so we went to get a drink when we saw Sam and Nath kissing. Jay whispered in my ear ‘doesn’t she have a boyfriend?’ I nodded but I had a big grin on my face because I know she’s doing the right thing Matty’s horrible. They stopped kissing and looked at everyone looking at her. Sam went the colour of a tomato she must have felt really awkward. We went to get our drinks and everyone else carried on dancing Sam and Nath came to the bar and me and Jay just looked at them. Jay asked ‘Sam don’t you have a boyfriend?’ Sam’s eyes flooded with tears and Nath gave her a big hug. I was really confused and so was Jay. I heard Nath tell Sam ‘It’s gunna be okay babe’ she smiled and dried her eyes. Nath gave her a little kiss on the lips. Monica redone Sam’s make up as Monica had all the make up. I tapped Sam on the shoulder and asked ‘what’s up?’ she lifted up her sleeve and said ‘Matty’s been abusing me since I was16’I was so annoyed I could have punched him if he was here. No one hurts my best friend and gets away with it. I got my phone out and shouted down the phone to Matty having a moan at him, luckily Sam didn’t know who I was on the phone to she would have killed me. Sam and Nath went back to the dance floor.


    End Of Part 2

    Sorry it’s long, sorry I haven’t been mentioning everyone yet it’s just that I write this on Tuesday and I only fount out all the parts on Wednesday.


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