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    Me – Nath’s GF (Samz1998)</p> <p>Monica – Tom’s GF and my BFF (MonicaTheWanted)

    Nicole – Jay’s GF and my BFF (TWSupportersxXx)</p> <p>Chloe – Max’s GF (ChloeTheWantedd)

    Alannah – Siva’s GF and my BFF (I_Love_TW)</p> <p>Josh – Tom’s BFF (TWMaleFans)

    Evie – Nath’s BFF (EvieeRussell)</p> <p>Charley – Siva’s BFF (CharleyDaisy_TW)

    Alice– Max’s BFF (_alicethewanted)</p> <p>Shannon– Jay’s BFF (TW__Fanmily)


    I’ll understand you just give me a chance to love you more than you’ll ever know…


    2nd Fanfic


    Part 1:


    My POV:

    So today I was off to Londonwith my best friends Monica, Nicole and Alannah for my 18th yes I’m the baby of the group and I get called baby Sam a lot. We all love The Wanted and that’s where baby Sam came from as they have the baby of the band witch is baby Nath, he was 18 last month and I’m 18 this month. As I’m now an adult I hope that the baby Sam thing will stop. So we all got in the car and set off to London. We have really big suitcases with us as were staying at a hotel even though it’s only for a night. We were going shopping as soon as we throw are suitcases in the hotel room, so Oxford Street here we come. I can’t wait defiantly drunken night out! So we arrived outside the really posh hotel we opened the boot of the car grabbed our suitcases and I said bye to my dad he drove of so we ran in the hotel to get our keys. We ran to the lift no way was I taking the stairs were on the 6th floor stuff that. It opened and we ran in the lift. We walked out of the lift and opened the door to the hotel room. It was really luxurious so like us girls do we chucked our suitcases on our bed and grabbed our handbags and we were ready to go shopping. We walked out of the room and I heard people walking down the corridor. I’m really bad at seeing who’s behind me because if I don’t know it really annoys me. So u turned round to see 5 guys with there hoods up and wearing sunglasses. They were laughing not sure if it was at us but it kind of annoyed me and Monica could tell. So she walked up to the guys and asked what they were laughing at but they way Monica says it just makes me laugh so I started to laugh and everyone looked at me. This was a really awkward moment. I just had to say something ‘look what Monica’s trying to say is were you guys laughing at us?’ I felt really bad but I just had to know. The one with the cap on answered with a laughing sort of ‘no’ I just turned back around and locked our hotel room door. I said to the girls ‘lets go shopping now’ Monica replied with ‘OXFORD STREET HERE WE COME!’ yes she is a crazy person but I love her in a sister type of way. I’ve know her since pre school. The guy with aBolton accent asked ‘you goingOxford Street?’ Monica said ‘nah I just shouted it for no reason’ he sounded like a really cheeky person so he replied with ‘oh just asking because that’s where were going’ I wanted to say something so I just sort of just said ‘yes were going the now to shop and then were going clubbing tonight, is that enough information for you stalkers?’ they all laughed so I grabbed the girls hands and got into the lift. They quickly got in before the doors closed.


    Monica’s POV:

    So we met these five guys. They sounded really familiar and I could see Sam recognised there voices too. We couldn’t figure out where from though. Sam got out her phone because she got a text. I looked at her background and her phone case obviously it was a TW background and phone case. I figured it out it was them we were talking to The Wanted. I let out a scream good idea? Nope, I got some really weird looks and I pointed at Sam’s background and phone case she let out a scream and shouted ‘best birthday ever’ the guys looked really confused. I had to say something before they ran off because they felt awkward ‘guys we know it’s you’ they smiled took down there hoods and took off there sunglasses. They all said together ‘Hi were The Wanted’ me and Sam just looked at each other and laughed. I heard Tom say ‘So you girls fans or haters?’ I could tell that was Tom I replied ‘were all big, big fans’ somehow they fount that funny but they said ‘happy birthday to Sam’ and they also gave us all hugs. The lift doors opened and the guys quickly put there hoods up and put there sunglasses back on. We all walked out the lift and out the door. There was 3 taxi’s waiting outside. Me, Nicole and Alannah got in one. Tom, Max, Siva got in the one and then Sam, Jay and Nath. I think Sam was going to enjoy herself put it that way. We arrived outside a café and yes Sam dragged us in there to get a cuppa. It was now11 inthe morning so that’s quite early for me. Sam was getting a call and her ringtone was a remix with all of TW’s songs on so she felt really awkward. She gave her cuppa to me and walked outside. She looked really happy well more happy than usual. It was proberly Matty her twat of a boyfriend. She came in with a big smile on her face. I had to ask ‘who was it?’ She was still smiling and replied ‘Matty why ask?’ I just said ‘because you looked happier than usual’ she laughed and replied ‘well he is my boyfriend’ I saw Nath’s face sort of drop I wonder what he was thinking.


    Nicole’s POV:

    So we left the café and Sam kept running into sports shops buying caps. I knew she would do that. She was walking in the middle of the road at one point because there was no cars. ‘Sam do a cartwheel’ she laughed and handed me her bags. She ran back to the middle of the road and done a cartwheel. I then dared her to do a back flip. She ran up to the wall and ran up to it and done a back flip off it. Sam was really good at doing tricks as she was in a street dancing group but she’s never that happy dancing she wants to become a famous singer and she’s really good. She never sings in front of anyone but us girls. I could tell she could wait for tonight but I could also tell she wanted to be with Matty. I could tell he has a dark side he’s just really mean to us behind Sam’s back. Sam won’t stop texting him, she’s on her phone right now. I walked over to her and grabbed her phone out of her hand. I started to run but Sam jumped on my back. She’s as light as a feather so I just put her phone in my pocket grabbed her legs and ran down the street. I dropped her feet and she jumped off my back and grabbed her phone out of my pocket. Everyone was laughing and Sam just got back to texting. I mouthed to Nath ‘grab the phone’ he nodded and grabbed it out of her hands. She went to get it but he held it up in the air because he’s taller than her. She kicked him in the area where your not meant to kick yes she kicked him it the balls. He looked like he was going to cry he crouched down to the floor so Sam grabbed her phone but she felt really bad so she helped Nath up and gave him a hug and said sorry. He forgave her even though he was crying and couldn’t walk. Sam being Sam asked Nath ‘how light are you?’ he replied with ‘8 stone why ask?’ she told him to jump on her back. He kept refusing to get on her back so she grabbed him by the legs and carried him down the street. It was now4 o’clockand us girls had to get ready. So we called a taxi and the guys asked us ‘can we come and celebrate?’ Sam had a big smile on her face and said ‘Of course I’ll love if you guys can come well if Nath can walk by then’ He smiled and said ‘you guys are going no where without me’ The taxi arrived and we got back to the hotel.


    End Of Part 1

    Sorry it’s really long!


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