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    Should i, shouldn’t i, is it too soon these thought kept going round in my head trying to make this decision is one of the heardest things ever. I didn’t know if i would be doing the right thing or not i mean we have been going out nearly 2 years and i feel she’s the one but what if Alice doesn’t say yes, what if she thinks im rushing things.Would it be an idea to ask the boys see what they think or even Josie and Emma seeing as they are both really close to Alice.

    Me and the boys were at Glad You Came radio tours and doig various photoshoots. We were in doing a photoshoot for teen now magazine and we were just waiting for the photographers to turn up while me and the boys got changed.

    “Nath!” said Tom walking in

    “What?” i said turning round

    “Uh you alright?” he asked me again

    “yes, why do you keep asking me the same thing?” i replied

    “Just you keep staring into space, when me and the boys were talking at Rea Radio earlier you were looking out the window like you weren’t part of it?” said Tom

    “No im fine” i said

    “Right” said Tom looking at me wierd then he walked out and Max walked in

    “Nath, you coming there ready for us!”

    “Yeah be there in a minute!” i replied smiling.



    So me and the girls were out doing a bit of shopping for France which was only in 2 weeks well 10 days in fact. All 5 of us were just getting new bikinis, new clothes, sunglasses, shoes etc, we were buying loads and i really shouldn’t have bought a load of new t-shirts and vest tops, a couple of dresses, shoes as i had a lot at home already.

    “Right i say we head to Nandos for lunch!” smiled Ami

    “Yeah if we can fit all are bags at the table!” Laughed Megan

    “We will we didn’t buy that much!” Said Emma

    “Uh Em!” i said

    “What?” she said

    “Uh you brought the most out of everyone!” i said

    “I needed them, i have no nice summer clothes!” she replied

    “You have a whole wardrobe of new clothes what you on about!” i said

    “Ssssh tom will kill me, i have filled up one wardrobe already!” Emma laughed. So we did get a table in Nandos and we managed to fit all are bags under the table. It felt wierd without the boys there as normally we would go to Nandos altogether as the boys loved it.



    Well getting back from shopping before Tom got home was uh entertaining. He was with me when i bought a load of new clothes last week and now my wardrobe was full. You see me and Tom have one each and i need to try and fit the clothes i got today fit into my wardrobe which took me a while but in the end as Tom burst through the bedroom door i had finished srting it out.

    “Hey babe!” I  said hugging him

    “You alright, missed you today” he smiled, kissing me on the forehead.

    “Missed you to, how was the photoshoot and the radio interview?” i asked as we sat down on the bed.

    “The usual really, same questions asked and yeah photoshoot was good!” he smiled as we led down

    “Have fun shopping?” Tom asked

    “Yeah was fun, had a laughed went to Nandos!”

    YOU WENT TO NANDOS?!” he said sitting up “WITHOUT ME AND THE BOYS!”

    “Yeah we were hungry!” i laughed

    “Buy anything?” he asked

    “No!” i said “Nothing at all!”

    “Oh right, so wear did that top come from thats on the chair over there?” Tom asked

    “Oh that, uh thats Alice’s i borrowed it!” i said

    “Oh funny how i have never saw her wear it before babe!” smiled Tom “You bought it today!”

    “No i didn’t what makes you think that?” i asked

    “Uh because me and the boys walked through westfields at lunch and saw all you girls with about 5 bags each!” laughed Tom

    “Busted!” I Laughed.


    MY POV

    I was making me and Nath curry for tea when i kept noticing him just staring into space

    “Uh Nath” i said

    “Yeah!” he said staring into the garden

    “What you looking at?” i asked

    “What, uh just nothing!” he said

    “Nothing, didn’t look like nothing yiou were staring for about 10 minutes!” i replied dishing the curry out

    “Uh it wasn’t anything, tea ready?” he asked avoiding answering the question

    “ Yeah!” i said handing him a plate

    “Cheers babe!” he replied smiling

    “Thats alright!” i said.


    To be Continued…............

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