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    Part 38 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



    Tom’s POV:

    I picked up Alannah’s phone, I noticed the number it was Nicole. The message read ‘Alannah, saw how heart broken you were yesterday well the truth is I don’t really care about Tom he was just my little play thing and I have a real caring boyfriend have fun being heart broken Nicole’ I was shocked but I weren’t heart broken I didn’t care to be honest. I text back ‘Hi this is Tom don’t care if I was your play thing me and Alannah are back on she’s preggers its great news! hope we can be adults 1 day and see past all the hate and just all be friends. Tom’ next thing I know there’s a knock at my door. It was Nicole, she looked kind of angry but oh well I let her in. She came in and started to have a moan. Alannah just got Lauren to sleep so Sam got annoyed. Sam stood up and walked over ‘If you wake up my baby you’re getting it straight to the face’ Nicole looked confused and Sam sort of clenched her fists. Nicole said she weren’t here to fight but here to sort things out. We all sat down on the sofas and the guys were all willing to forgive and forget! I was really happy that the guys would be able to see the real Nicole not like the bitch she was being made out to be. We sat there and talked for ages. Sam felt like Nicole was a decent enough person to ask her to move in to the main flat. Nicole agreed and Sam told her that she could move in as soon as possible. We all got on really well and it didn’t feel awkward. Nicole congratulated me and Alannah, it just felt like nothing had gone wrong.


    Nicole’s POV:

    WOW! Everyone was getting on really well I was surprised everyone forgave me and Tom. Sam offered me a place for me and Josh to stay, I was really happy.


    Alannah’s POV:

    I know this sounds weird but the girl who slept with my boyfriend behind my back was amazing. She was really kind and I couldn’t wait to get to know her more.


    My POV:

    So Nicole’s amazing I don’t care she just really funny and she has a great personality. I’m not just saying that because we were told we have nearly exactly the same personalities. We all agreed to say that she could move into the main flat.


    Nath’s POV:

    Nicole was really cool, she was really funny as well I can just see that everyone’s going to love her. I mean everyone loves a joker and she was exactly that.


    End Of Part 38

    Sorry for the whole Nicole being a bitch thing but trust me she’s not.


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