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    Part 36 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



    Alannah’s POV:

    Tom looked at the pregnancy test in horror. He asked if it was his, I just replied with a nod he didn’t know how much I wanted to say that it was his because I don’t sleep around like him. Sam walked into the living room, she walked into the awkward situation, she placed a cuppa on the table for me. Tom looked at the floor in disappointment he knew he lost his friends, he knew he lost me. Sam walked back and placed another cuppa on the table for Tom she gave him a weak smile because she was tired but she still smiled at him even though she knew what he had done. Me and Tom talked it out about how he was going to have to help even though we weren’t together. A tear ran down his face, he tried to explain why he had done it. I don’t know why he would do it but he did. Sam came down the stairs holding Lauren and she cuddled up to Nath on the sofa. I smiled and placed my hand on my stomach. I knew soon that would be me with a baby, but I knew that would be me without the loving guy. Tom whispered in my ear ‘it’s gunna be fine’ I just knew it wouldn’t be I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope.


    Tom’s POV:

    I couldn’t believe it Alannah was pregnant, with my baby. I’ve messed up big time and now Alannah was going to be a single mum, I felt horrible but really happy. Sam came downstairs with Lauren and cuddled up to Nath on the other sofa. I see Alannah let out a smile and she placed her hand on her stomach. I felt like I had to say something so I whispered in her ear ‘it’s gunna be fine’ I knew it wouldn’t be but I had to say something to make her happy. I felt really bad about last night, everytime, why do I do it? All these thoughts were going through my head and I felt really bad, a tear ran down my face. I felt someone tap my arm. I turned my head and saw Siva I was hoping for a friendly hug but he just pointed to the door. I got up and opened the door. She was standing the, Nicole was just standing there. She asked if she could come in, I replied with a quick no. She looked at me confused I had to explain. I walked back in as I was closing the door she pushed it open and walked in and hugged me from behind. I grabbed her arms and pulled them off me, I turned round. I didn’t feel any emotions. She took my phone out of her pocket and said I lefted it at the hotel last night. That’s it my life was over she literally shouted it in front of everyone. I looked at Alannah she had tears streaming down her face, I said her name ‘Alannah’ she ran to the bathroom. I snatched the watch off Nicole and told her to leave before it got ugly. She went to kiss me I turned my head so she couldn’t get my lips, she could only get my cheek. I heard someone from the kitchen say ‘you weren’t refusing before you got caught were you’ I got some evils off everyone. I saw Sam hand Lauren to Nath and she ran to the bathroom where Alannah was. I was hoping Sam could talk to her and make her stop crying. Sam came from the hallway with a tearful Alannah. I didn’t know what to say.


    End Of Part 36


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