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    I’m gonna Lose My Mind

    Part 34 – Sorry not many parts are up, been busy and things. Hopefulyl a few parts up tonight! :) xxxxx

    My POV

    We arrived at L.A and we were greeted by Molly and a another lady called Katie. They took us to this appartment which we had sorted out. I loved it and they said everything we needed was in the flat and I start work tomorrow. We got in and unpacked our things. The 2 bedrooms were about the same size so there was no arguing over the biggest room or anyhting. I put the kettle on and Rachael walked into the kitchen.

    “So what do you think of this place?” She asked.

    “I must say it’s a lot nicer than my other flat. What do you think?” I asked her.

    “I really like it. When you have some free time we should go out and re-decorate the place.” She said.

    “Yeah we should do that. If we go down to the shops and grab some colour samples and things. We could test them out sometime will here.” I told her.

    “Yeah sounds cool and I still can’t believe we’re in L.A. It’s like a dream come true!” She said.

    “Yeah it is. We need to find you a job as well.” I told her.

    “Yeah cool. Make me a cuppa while your at it>” She said walking out the room.

    “NO! I DON’T WANT TO!” I shouted joking to her as she walked out the room.

    “I think you will missy. I’m your older cousin you shall do what I say!” She told me poking her head round the corner.

    “Fine!” I said and getting another cup out to make her a cuppa. She screamed and ran into the kitchen smiling. This was while I was putting pour the milk in the tea. “FUCKING HELL RACHAEL! YOU MADE ME SPILL THE MILK!” She just laughed. “Rachael what’s up anyway?” She asked.

    “Well, you know the lads they are doing a TwitCam tonight! So do you wanna watch with me?” She asked.

    “Yeah sure. Don’t tell the lads though we can suprise them!” I told her laughing while handing her the cup of tea,

    “Yeah that would be hilarious! See if they notice us!” She said laughing. Then we settled down and waited for the TwitCam :)


    End of Part 34


    Sorry it’s boring. I have a feeling that these parts will take a while to write as I’m not in the best of moods! Hope you enjoy this! :) xxxx

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