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    Part 27 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



    My POV:

    So tonight was Erin 2nd date with Charlie. Today I felt so ill but I just put on a fake smile but inside I was dieing, I didn’t want everyone fussing over me. Today I had more wedding planning with Chloe I was really excited for the big day witch will be set today. I’m feeling so ill today it’s unbelievable I knew that Alannah knew something was up. I went to make everyone a cuppa but no, Alannah pulled me back and asked me why I was acting so wired I just said I weren’t felling to good today. She asked me why I was keeping it a secret I just said I didn’t want everyone fussing over me. I was heaving and Alannah quickly ran me to the downstairs toilet I felt really bad so I started to cry. Then again I always seem to cry after I’m sick, Alannah just gave me a really big hug thenErin walked in. I went to get a drink to wash out the taste of sick. Alannah gave me my tea and I sat on the sofa cuddling a pillow. I went really pale and I started to go really cold even though the heating on. Nath was making the most fuss obviously it was his baby. He said to call the hospital and I had to slap the phone out of his hand. I said I needed to get some air, so I got my coat on and Alannah tried stopping me going for a walk. I got really annoyed and stormed out and I ran to the park and just sat on the bench and cried. I saw a mum and a little child, the little kid came up to me the mum started to walk over to me. I asked her if she regrets anything she smiled and sat next to me. She said she didn’t and said when she fount out she came to the exact bench and cried, Nath noticed me I smiled and said thank you for the advice. Nath walked over to me and held out his hand, I placed mine in his and stood up. He kissed me on the cheek and said everything was gunna be ok. My eyes watered up and he said ‘Babe, don’t cry!’ I looked over at the flat window and saw everyone sticking there heads out the window. I laughed and Nath just gave me a big hug. I dried my eyes as me and Nath was walking back to the flat. When I got back Alannah was crying because she felt really bad, I gave her a hug and said ‘it wasn’t your fault I just can’t do anything now because everyone’s stopping me’ she gave me a fake smile and sat on the sofa cuddled up to Tom.


    Evie’s POV:

    So Sam had ran to the park, Nath went after her and the nosey people we are, we stuck our heads out of the window. They looked up at the window noticed us and Sam just laughed and Nath gave her a big hug. They walked back and Alannah started to cry, we all gave her a hug and told her that she shouldn’t feel bad but she wouldn’t stop crying. Sam walked through the door and saw that Alannah was in tears and gave her a really big hug and told her it wasn’t her fault. Sam sort of went in the kitchen to make everyone a cuppa, Nath went to stop her but she refused to move. Sam was like that she never likes to be mothered or have slaves she likes to do a lot of stuff herself. I was really worried as Sam had to go to Capital tomorrow, no-one wanted her working but she wants to work so much. After Sam finished her tea she grabbedErinby the hand and pulled her into the dressing room. A couple of hours laterErinwalked out. She looked beautiful she grabbed her bag and went to sit down and then the door bell rang she quickly answered it and left. So we were one down unfortunately but Sam was so happy tonight so we played some adult games.




    So we were finished being big kids whenErinopened the door and sort of just had her head in the room looking at us. She had a really big grin on her face and then she walked in holding hands with Charlie they were so sweet together. We all knew Sam would be the first to blurt out ‘So are you two a couple now’ I loved how Sam done that she would speak what we would be thinking.Erinnodded and then looked at Charlie, Charlie kissed her on the forehead and said he had to be going. Sam stood up and asked him if he could stay but he said he couldn’t we now all knew Sam would use the pregnant trick. So right then Sam said ‘I’m pregnant have you ever learnt not to mess with a pregnant girl’ he quickly changed his mind of what he was doing that night as he quickly sat next to Erin. We all laughed and Sam gave us all high fives. Charlie looked confused and asked her if she was actually pregnant we burst out laughing. Sam just nodded but she was laughing so much she was crying it was really funny.


    Erin’s POV:

    So me and Charlie were now dating and it was really funny as he said he couldn’t stay and Sam used the pregnant card to get him to sit down. Everyone laughed so he was really confused and so he asked Sam if she was pregnant I couldn’t help but laugh. Sam said she was gunna get some sleep as she had to get up at 6:30 to go to Capital. She was really excited but nervous of the questions about the ring. She was going with the guys as they were going in at the same time. Sam and Nath were planning to tell everyone she was pregnant. I think they are doing the right thing telling everyone. So Sam and Nath fell asleep cuddling up with each other.


    End Of Part 27


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