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    PREVIOUSLY: It was Emma who was stood in front of Tom, Tom couldn’t belive it, he gave her the present before she left and she was rushed a little by her dad. After had gone everyone was dead quiet.



    So a few days had past and Emma still hadn’t rang, i was starting to worry until i heard my phone go off. I searched evrywhere then saw it on the window sill. I looked at it and Emma’s photo popped up. I had the biggest grin on my face ever.

    “EMMA!” i shouted down the phone

    “TOM!” she shouted back

    “Oh you don’t undertsand how much i miss you!” i replied

    “Missing you loads too, i’m bored on my own i don’t know anyone!” she said

    “Aww babe how is the place?” i asked her lying on my bed

    “It’s alright, the house is huge has a pool but it ain’t the same, plus the weather has been shite theres been like a rain storm for the whole 2 dayd i have been here, not the best start” she said sounding sad.

    “Aww Em i hope it warms up for you and don’t get a tan without me!” i said laughing down the phone.

    “Haha if this weather carries on you won’t need to be worrying about that Parker” she laughed

    “So how’s England and everyone?” she asked

    “Uh it’s alright not the same without you though and everyone else is okay i guess Alice and Josie are still getting use to it as am i but yeah everyone is getting on alright i supose” i replied

    “Well im still getting use to the idea of me not being there too, your not alone Tom and im glad everyones okay, i need to skype in the next couple of days to see your face!” she said

    “Yeah definatly, i walk past the photo everyday in my room and stand there for ages just staring at you beautiful face” i said.

    Me and Emma were on the phone for a good hour or so which was nice but she had to go and help sort the house out so i said i’ll speak to her soon. I was s happy i could hear her voice again and just being able to talk to her about normal things after we got through how America was first.


    MY POV

    I couldn’t belive Alice rang me and Josie were on the phone to her for ages and i mean ages talking about literally everything. I was a little happier now knowing she was okay over there but still speaking over the phone isn’t the same as speaking face to face but skype was the only thing for that until we could see her again.

    “Oh your done on the phone then?” asked Nath putting his arms round me

    “Yes, don’t moan Sykes it was Emm course i was gunna be on the phone for ages to her” i said “Now you gunna help me move my stuff to my new house or what?” i asked.

    “If i have to” he said grabbing a jacket and a pair of his high tops. We headed to mine.

    “Hiya mum” i shouted

    “Why you home?” she asked

    “Nice to see you to and oh it’s you!” i said to Scott as he walked downstairs.

    “Urgh it’s Alice!” he replied then laughing and hugging me. Nath was stood there like what the fuck?

    “Okay the relationship i have with my older brother is wierd!” i laughed as we ran up the stairs.

    “Oh where you to going?” asked Scott

    “Nath is helping me move my stuff!” i said

    “Oh ‘moving your stuff’ more like getting it on in the bedroom

    “Fuck of Scott little twat says the one!” i replied

    “You two please stop the biccering!” shouted my mum. Nathan just laughed as me.

    “Welcome to my home!” i said laughing. Nath helped me move a few boxes over to Josie’s but Josie being Josie wasn’t in and didn’t bother to leave a key! And she hadn’t given me the psare one yet which was helpful. So i rang her and she said she forgot and she would be right over.

    “Uh Alice, you do know we look like a pair of planks stood at someones front door with boxes right?” said Nath

    “Yeah i know but were sexy planks!” i laughed. Josie turned up finally

    “I am sooo sorry!” she said opening the door and leaving me the key.



    Well America so far was okay. I mean yeah the house was nice plus there was a pool but i was so bored being an only child and having nothing to do all day was annoying i had no friends to enjoy going in the pool with so theres the fun gone there. I mean yeah the parks were literally only 20 minutes away but there no fun without your mates. I was just adjusting evrything in my room, my dad just finihed builing my wardrobes so i decided to keep my self busy and unpack all my clothes. I came across a picture of my and Tom so i instantly put that up on my wall along with pics of me, Josie and Alcice.

    “So you liking it?” asked my dad walking in

    “Sort of still wish i could be in London with everyone!” i replied

    “You’ll get used ot it soon!” he said “Oh yeah don’;t be on your phone too long as it’s cost more over here!”

    “Uh dad i need to speak to people back home, i WILL be using my phone more!” i said standing up

    “But the bill is going to be twice as much!” he replied

    “Uh you made me move here when i didn’t want to, i still need to keep in contact with my mates and my boyfriend!” i said. He then walked out the room, as i started tearing up. I literally thought of home every minute of every day i had been here and nothing helped like keeping my self busy.



    So i stayed helping Nath and Alice for a bit, she had loads of stuff even though her house was a few doors away. We were going back and froth it seemed like forever. Nathan literally just sat there!

    NATH GET YOU ASS OF THE BED AND CARRY THIS BOX!” i said handing it too him

    “Urgh can i just sit here!” he moaned


    “Fine, but im tired!” he said

    “So are we!” i replied heading out the door back to Alice’s mums house.


    About 2 hourse later we were officially done.

    “Thats it, see Nath that wasn’t so bad!” Alice said

    “Well how could i say no to your beautiful face!” he said kissing Alice

    “You two please i’m still here you know!” i said

    “Nathan you moaned moving one persons stuff inmagine what you will be like when you move house” i asked and laughed

    “I dread to think of that day!” he said sitting down.


    To be Continued…................

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