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    PREVIOUSLY: Emma told Tom she was moving to America he didn’t take it too well, Jay and Josie were relaxing in the park messing around.



    Why, why so sudden, Why does Emma have to move to America i know we have only been dating for a few weeks or so but i love her loads but now that was going to be broken. I went over to her house to talk to her. I knocked on the door there was no answer

    “Emma” i called, no replied “Emma i know your in there” then i heard a key in the lock and she opened the door slowly her face was red, eyes were puffy i just ran and hugged her, she hugged me back. After hugging for a while we went and sat down

    “You been crying all this time?” i asked, she nodded

    “Why did you come over?” she asked me “I said i wanted time to myself”

    “I was worried about you and i just wanna be with you now” i replied kissing her forehead

    “I don’t wanna move Tom” she cried. I hugged her tighter

    “It’ll be a good opportunity” i said trying to make it sound better but really i was dying inside.

    “I wanna stay here with you, with my friends” she said

    “Emma i know it sounds weird but sitting here crying isn’t going to get us anywhere is it?” i said she looked at me

    “Why don’t we just do as much as we can in one month before you go?” i asked

    “It sounds like a good idea but i still don’t wanna leave Tom” she said

    “I don’t want you to leave either” i said crying again.

    “Tom i still gotta tell Josie and Alice” she said


    MY POV

    “Haha Nath come on” i said hurrying him out the door before Luke saw what we did to his face while he was asleep. We both ran down the road a bit. When i saw Emma and Tom walking out the house, both of them had looked like they had been crying.

    “Guys whats wrong?” i asked them, i hugged them both

    “Alice i need to tell you something” said Emma

    “Well what?” i asked looking at Nath who just shrugged

    “It might be better if we go inside and it might be an idea if you ring Josie to come over as well” she replied opening the door, i followed her in slightly worried and Josie said she’ll be over straight away. Me and Nath sat down on one sofa then Tom and Emma on the other.

    “Guys whats going on?” asked Nath then Josie walked in with Jay

    “Um boys i don’t mean to sound rude but can i just speak to Alice and Josie pelase” said Emma, the boys nodded and headed upstairs while Emma closed the door and sat down.

    “What have i missed?” asked Josie

    “Nothing yet” i replied.

    “There isn’t an easy way to tell you this” said Emma with a tear rolling down her cheek, me and Josie looked at eachother as if to say what the hell has happened.

    “I’m moving to America” Emma said, mine and Josie’s faces dropped and i felt my eyes fill up with tears as were Josie’s, we went to hug Emma

    “But why?” i asked

    “Mum job” she replied

    “But you live her with me, what about the house?” asked Josie

    “I have told her that she said i have to go” cried Emma

    “Hun when you going?” i asked

    “Next month”

    NEXT MONTH Emma you can’t leave” said Josie as we hugged her tighter. After crying for ages and a lot of talking being done me, Tom had come in and me and Josie went out to see Nath and Jay. We both ran and hugged then

    “Whats wrong?” asked Jay

    “Emma is moving to America” said Josie.

    “Really?” asked Nath, i nodded

    “She can’t go shes are best friend” said Josie.



    So me, Max, Ami and Siva were sat at home wondering where everyone else was so we went out to look as we had nothing better to do. We went to the park to see if Jay and Josie were there, thye weren’t, we then went to Alice’s house as w eheard Nathan and Alice were meant to be there but they weren’t.

    “Where is everyone?” asked Siva

    “We could try Josie and Emma’s house” i replied, so we went and knocked on the door. Jay opened it

    “What you doing here?” asked Max

    “Come in” said Jay

    “Woah has someone died?” asked Max i elbowed him

    “You don’t just ask that sort of question!” i said

    “No not that tragic” said Nath

    “Yeah but it’s still bad news” said Tom

    “What then?” i asked looking at everyone Emma, Tom, Alice and Josie looked like they had been crying for ages.

    “I’m moving to America” said Emma, the four of us were shocked

    “This has come on sudden?” said Ami

    “Yeah g-got told earli-ier” said Emma. We all went and hugged her. No one was really speaking i felt bad for them all as Alice and Josie were really close to Emma and she seemed like a nice girl i wish i could of got to known her better.


    To be Continued….........

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