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    PREVIOUSLY: Emma announced over skype that she was moving back to England and no one could belive it and everyone was excited.



    Well i was well and truely buzzin as Nathan would say. Emma was coming home, god i was so happy i have been waiting to see her for 4 months now. I couldn’t stop smiling.

    “Your a happy boy this morning!” said Siva walking in

    “Haha ya!” i nodded, Max then joined in and everyone was looking at us laughing.

    “Bunch of wierdos” said Megan laughing.

    “No were cool!” said Max putting his arms around waist

    “So cool you stood there nodding and saying ya whilst touching eachothers ears” she replied

    Oh well i’m happy!” i said smiling.

    “I haven’t seen you like this in what 4 months, even the fans were saying on twitter Parker isn’t the same i think they will notice the difference in this weeks flip!” said Max

    “I know but EMMA IS COMING HOME!” i shouted.

    “I know Tom as you keep saying along with Josie and Alice” said Megan shaking her head and smiling. I know she only told us yesturday b8t it seemed like the week builing up to next thursday was going to drag, great i thought. I just wanted to see Emma as soon as possible.


    MY POV

    I dragged Nath to mine to help me and Scott build my new wardrobe and my drawers and i ended up bying a new bed so today was a bit of DIY work well a lot since i haven’t done that sorta stuff before. Scott started building my bed so i thought me and Nath could attempt builing the drawers, we got it out the box and just chucked the instructiosn then Nath arbbed two pieces and tried to fir them toegther with a screw.

    “Nath, do you really think them two pieces are going to fit?” i asked, he nodded

    “You plank!” i said whacking him round the head, “It goes like this!” i replied

    “Your the even bigger plank!” said Scott

    “Why?” i asked

    “Uh cause them two pieces don’t fit either, twat, i can see from here!” he said

    “Oh” i said putting them down.

    “Read the intructions” said Scott nearly finished with the bed

    “No i can’t be botherd that takes to long!” i said “Come on Nath lets go get some dinner!”

    “We just started” moaned Scott

    “And im hungry” i said as me and Nath walked downsatirs.



    Me and Nath led on my new bed, eating chocolate and watching telly whilst we left Scott to do the rest.

    “Scott get on with it, i wanna get stuff sorted by today bro!” i said

    “Oh i sorry if im slow, i don;t see you two helping, your just sat on your asses eating and watching the bloody telly, lazy shits!” he replied “AND IM BUILDING YOUR STUFF, YOUR STUFF!”

    “Yeah i know and your doing a great job too” i smiled “Do you want a chocolate?” i asked, Nath burst out laughing

    “NO I DO NOT WANT A CHOCOLATE and You can stop laughing now Sykes!!” said my brother.

    “Ooh Scott calm down an finish building the wardrobe” i said

    “I hate you” he said.

    “I actually love how he is still doing it though” whispered Nath

    “Haha i know, he loves me really” i laughed.

    “Really as much as i love you?” asked Nath

    “Depends right now he probably hates me for making him do this” i said snuggling into Nath.

    “Can you two not get all loved up when im in here please?” said Scott

    “Aww how about no!!”



    6 days to go, haha i wasn’t counting or anything i honestly can’t wait and to see the other guys reactions has made me even more excited to go back and see them all again. Mum wasn’t working anymore i did ask her why we couldn’t go back sooner but she said the earliest flight she could get was next thursday, she said she would take me shopping one day before we leave, which i was very excited about as the shops near me were amazing. I mean yeah the weather had gotten better it got up to 35 yestyrday which really was to hot to be honest so i spent the day mostly sunbathing or inside with the air con on. I started to pack up a few thigs since i had nothing else to do, i mean i literally had just got round to unpacking everything now i got to oack it back up all again that was a tad annoying i suppose.

    I still got the pandora bracelet on that Tom got me. I hadn’t taken it of since he put it on my wrist back at Heeathrow and i made sure i tok extra care of it, if anything happened i swear i would of cried. Everytime i looked at it i was just reminded of him, it made me smile now i knew i was going to see him in a weeks time. I came across a few pictures i hung up of me and him and Josie and Alice that were in my room, it reminded me how special friends actually are and how much your life really is based around them.


    Sorry it’s short

    To be Continued…............



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