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    TWSupportersxXx (Nicole – Nath’s GF)</p> <p>_alicethewanted (Alice – Siva’s GF)

    TWunoffical (Abbie – Tom’s GF)</p> <p>Jayde_GMD3TWx (Jayde – Max’s GF)


    Glad You Came…


    Part 2:


    Alice’s POV:

    OHHHH Sam what’s going on between you and Jay?’ ‘Nothing’ She replied sternly. I had to tease her more ‘Aww come on Sam we all know that you have trust issues and you don’t hug people you don’t trust’ ‘I didn’t want to act rude so I had to not think about it’ I saw tears in her eyes I instantly felt bad. I ran up to her to comfort her she shrugged me off. I saw tears now streaming down her face. She stopped then slowly turned round and started to run. I saw her run over to Jay.


    My POV:

    Why would she even mention that? I got so annoyed and just ran back to Jay. I saw him walking back to the hotel ‘Jay’ he turned round and saw I had tears down my face. ‘Hey what’s up babe?’ did he just call me babe? ‘Aliceis being a…a bitch’ ‘What’s she said?’ Jay asked sounding really concerned we sat down on the bench and he put his arm round me. ‘She just kept making fun of me and my…my trust issues and made fun that I hugged you’ ‘Trust issues?’ Jay sounded really concerned. ‘Um…Yeah it’s to do with my past. I always feel as though I can’t trust no one’ his grip tightened ‘Well I hope by the time we know each other you can trust me’ I knew that I already trusted Jay but how was I meant to tell him? I’m just gunna say it. ‘Jay, I already trust you. I normally don’t trust anyone but for some reason I guess its just different’ a smile appeared on his face. I looked into his dreamy blue eyes and he was looking into mine. He leaned in closer and so did I. Our lips touched and it was just so magical. We were getting deeper into the kiss, when someone cleared there throat. I looked up to see Tom stood there with a cheeky grin on his face. We all burst out laughing and Tom finally spoke. ‘You two need to get ready for tonight’ ‘Ohh yeahh okay bye babe’ ‘seeya’ I kissed Jay on the cheek and walked back to mine and the girls hotel room.


    Jay’s POV:

    WOW just WOW! I can’t believe it, I mean that kiss just WOW. Tom could tell I was thinking it through. He started to tease ‘Ohhh Jaybirds in love’ I gave him a stern ‘Shut up’ he let out a little laugh. We finally reached our hotel room, I walked in to see all the guys half naked I let out a little chuckle and started to get changed.


    My POV:

    What the fuck am I meant to wear? I need some party clothes but I don’t want to look like a douche especially in front of Jay. I need to shut up I bet he regrets it. Fuck it I’m going in my denim shorts and vesty top. I got the clothes out of my wardrobe I saw all the girls look at me with a weird expression across their faces. ‘What’s you problem girls?’ I asked ‘So you’ve been panicking for about an hour then you pull out some casual clothes yet we know you want to impress someone! Is that someone Jay?’ shit how did they guess? ‘Um yeah why?’ ‘Awwww how sweet anything happened between you guys?’ should I tell them? But they would tease me. ‘Nahh…course not’ was that obvious? ‘Omg Sam what’s happened?’ shit was it that noticeable? ‘Um we kissed and I don’t want to looks like a proper tramp. Help me?’ ‘Of course and OMG YOU KISSED JAY’ seriouslyAlicesquealing is all I need. So Abbie was doing my hair and Jayde was doing my make up andAlicewas picking out my clothes while Nicole was sat texting someone. ‘Who ya texting Nic?’ ‘No one’ she replied sounding very distant. I wonder who it is. I had my phone in my hand and I suddlenly felt my phone viabrate.

    1 new message from: Jaybird <3

    From: Jaybird <3

    Hiyaa bbe can’t stop thinking bout earlier. Can’t wait 2 c u in a sec nearurroom now Jx

    To: Jaybird <3

    Hiyaa bbe me either. Can’t wait 2 c u 2 but I’m not ready yet so I’m not sure bout u being near my room aha. Find out who’s Nic texting I can tell its 1 of u’s whos on there fone? Sx

    From: Jaybird <3

    Okayy bbe we’ll wait outside just send out sum1 2 entertain us aha + Naths constantly texting so that might b whos shes texting Jx

    To: Jaybird <3

    Ohlala! Ahaa have u told the guys bout earlier there girls forced it outa me L Sx

    From: Jaybird <3

    Nahh not yet aha only Tom no’s cause he’s a bastard. Needing entertainment were outside send sum1? Jx

    To: Jaybird <3

    Sure bbe Nic’s on her way. Don’t take the piss if her and Nath r texting Sx

    From: Jaybird <3

    Course I wont c u in a bit bbe Jx

    To: Jaybird <3

    C u in a bit Sx

    That was the end of our interesting convo. Just as I locked my phone I looked up into the mirror and saw a big transformation. I just needed to get changed. I grabbed my lipsy dress quickly slipped it on quickly got on my heals and grabbed my bag and shoved a whole load of stuff in there (phone, extra mascara, extra lip gloss, money) I walked towards the front door not wanting to open it but I placed my hand on door the door handle and slowly opened the front door. I saw the 5 boys with Nic I felt  myself go red as everyone was staring at me. I moved out the way of the door to revel the other three girls. I walked over to Jay and gave him a hug. Everyone look at us Tom decided to say ‘Aww no full on snog like earlier? It was like watching a movie’ I felt myself go red before saying ‘I’m gunna kill you Parker’ he laughed and replied ‘And how you gunna do that? eh?’ Just then Alice butted in ‘Erm Tom I wouldn’t go there she put someone in hospital’ everyone looked at me dead serious ‘What the bitch pissed me off I weren’t holding back on braking her legs’ everyone laughed. I couldn’t help but feel like a bitch. I regret what I’ve done in the past but what happened in the past I can’t change. We all started to walk to the clubs. There were paps everywhere. Me and Jay ended up walking behind all the others. ‘So……..’ I started ‘So………’ we both laughed ‘Who knew it would be this awkward eh?’ ‘Awkward? I don’t find it awkward’ ‘You know what I mean Jay. We can hardly start a convo now’ I let out a little laugh, so did he. I noticed the paps were now in front of me and Jay taking pictures of us and asking loads of questions ‘Are you two together?’ ‘When did you guys meet’ ‘Are you two just friends’ I got really annoyed and started to walk faster. Jay caught up with me. ‘Hey what’s wrong?’ Jay said trying to calm me down as tears were falling from my eyes. ‘J…Just the paps. T…They always jump to conclusions and when these rumours go round I get so much hate and our fans end up hating us. These rumours could ruin mine and the girls carer’ ‘Hey don’t worry about it. If your fans were true fans they’ll stick by you whatever and just ignore the hate. Ignore the rumours’ I smiled at him warmly. ‘Thanks Jay’ ‘Anytime babe’ we walked in silence for the rest of the way there. It was peaceful with no awkwardness. We arrived at the very loud sounding music we all walked in and up to the bar. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted so I just said ‘Surprise me’ to the barmen. He let out a little chuckle and gave me some beautiful looking cocktail. I paid him and joined the rest of the girls. We all sat in the corner trying not to get noticed. I heard this song ‘All Time Low’ come on. I loved this song and so did the girls. We all looked at eachother and said ‘I love this song’ in unison. We all laughed and so did the boys. In the end Jay said ‘Erm guys this is our song’ us girls looked at eachother and all the girls nodded at me ‘Maybe you guys should sing it to us then’ I winked at Jay. They all laughed and started to sing along with the music. Then came on ‘Untouch’ by us girls we all went red and Jay said ‘now you turn to sing to us girls’ Jay winked at me. We all started to sing along. ‘We’re so unatouch yeah could you feel this rush we’re so unatouchable’ we sang as loud as we could just to piss people off and cause we were drunk. The bass kicked in and we all started to rave while sitting down. Jay whispered in my ear ‘dance?’ I nodded and he held out his hand. I took his hand and interwinded fingers with him. We were on the dance floor and then came on this slow song. Jay wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck. It was just perfect before I knew it Jay’s lips came crashing onto mine. The kiss got more heated just like earlier when I heard yet another person clear there throat this time it was Nathan. We all laughed and me and Jay went to the bar.


    End Of Part 2


    Sorry it’s really long

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