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    So I was in the room with Zayn , listening to him . He said “ Karen please can you hear what I want to say ? Don’t interrupt me and when I finish take the decision you want”. I nodded with my head and he went on “It’s not what you think. There is absolutely nothing going on between me and Katy. She’s just my friend, please believe me. I only love you , and only you”. I replied “Zayn I just saw you kissing her with my own eyes. I’ve also seen her getting out of your room twice ! Plus you winked her in the concert. Katy already told me she was in love with one of you guys, but she didn’t want to tell me who. It’s obvious she likes you”.
    “ No , first I didn’t want to go with the guys since you weren’t going, I won’t enjoy it without you. So I decided to stay in my room. Then Katy came in and kissed me , she was really drunk. And she likes Niall , that’s why she was in my room. She needed advice , I’m helping her. That’s why I let her in few minutes ago , not realising she was drunk. Oh and I winked you in the concert , not Katy. You have to believe me Karen , I love you more than anything, and if you want I’m ready to leave this tour right now”.
    I was really confused. Should I believe him ? Or did he just made that up ?

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