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    MY POV

    Me and Nath had been walking around the town in Barbados, doing a bit of shopping well mainly looking round for most of the day. We found a bench to sit on and Nath went into a little shop to grab a few bottles of water. My phone suddenly start going off

    “Hey mum!” i said, haven’t spoken to her since we got here.

    “Hi love, just wondering how you and Nath are!” she replied

    “We’re both fine thanks mum, just enjoying the weather!” i said

    “Im very jealous, glad you’re both okay, what have you done so far then?” she asked, by now Nath was back and was just sat there with his arm round me.

    “Uh well we have been in the pool, been on the beach a couple of times, shopping at the moment!” i said

    “And jet ski’s!” Nath shouted

    “Haha oh yeah and the jet ski’s!” i laughed

    “Yeah i heard Nathan!” my mum laughed.

    I was speaking to her for about 15 minutes,

    “Sorry!” i said putting my phone in my pocket

    “It’s alright babe!” Nath smiled as we both got up, “Oh my god it’s hot!” i said. So Nathan’s instant reaction was to flick water at me

    “Nath that ain’t helping!” i said. He kept doing it all the way back to the hotel

    “Oh my god, Nath stop it!” i laughed.

    “You’re so easy to wind up!” he replied. Little did he know i also still had my bottle of water in my bag so i opened it and poured it over him

    “HUH!” Nath said, he stood there his hair sopping wet, i laughed and ran back to are hotel room. Realising Nath had the key. Nath then waked down the hall

    “You didn’t think this through did you?” he laughed, i shook my head, he walked over to me and shook his head in front of me, getting my clothes wet, now we’re even I guess I thought.



    Jay had been acting really weird these past few days, I wasn’t sure if he was keeping me from something or not. He had been out a lot recently and if I asked him if I could go with him he would say there was no need or he was fine to go on his own.

    “Hey Jay, do…” I said walking in to our bedroom

    “Oh Josie, didn’t know you were there!” he said quickly putting something in his pocket and standing up

    “Uh what you got there?” I asked

    “Oh it was nothing, just uh erm never mind!” he said, I was so confused but worried as well as Jay isn’t usually like this at all.

    “Oh babe, I gotta go, interviews with the boys this afternoon!” he said kissed me on the forehead and slammed the door behind him, before I could say anything he was gone.

    “Great alone again!” I said to myself. So I decided to ring Emma see what she was doing. I wondered to hers and Toms place and I rang the doorbell, tom opened the door.

    “Oh hi Tom!” I said

    “You seem surprised to see me because….??” He said “I do live here”

    “Why aren’t you at the interviews with the boys?” I asked

    “What interviews?” he said really confused

    “The interviews you have like now, Jay ran out earlier saying yu had some” I replied

    “Im sorry Josie but we don’t have any interviews today we have a day of, why did Jay say we had interviews?” he asked by now I was inside

    “I, I don’t really know, he’s been a bit odd lately” I said sitting down.

    “Hey hun!” Emma said hugging me “Alright?”

    “Yeah im good I suppose!” I replied. All I could think about was why Jay said him and the boys had interviews when they don’t, what is he hiding, why did he rush off so quickly this afternoon?



    So after hearing Jay has been acting weird, I thought it would be a good idea and go out, all three of us since we had nothing better to do this afternoon. We rang up Max and Megan and also Seev and Ami to see if they wanted to just hang out in the sun. Josie also rang Jay who replied with he’d be there in the next hour but he wouldn’t explain where he was.

    “Josie, Tom you guys ready?” I asked,

    “Yeah!” they both said walking over to the door and we headed out into the sun, it was pretty warm for April. We approached the park, which was really nice, we walked past all the kids play area and kept walking for a while longer until we got to this really nice field with flowers, it looked really pretty and we saw Siva and Ami already sled down together.

    “Afternoon peeps!” Tom smiled

    “Lovely day!” Ami said as we all sat down

    “Yeah, where’s Jay?” she asked

    “Honestly I haven’t a clue!” Josie said, Max and Megan then arrived and joined us, we all talked for ages and a few questions were asked on where Jay was. I was led against Tom as he was playing with a strand of my hair, we all loved just talking and relaxing here as we were like the only ones who knew about this place of the park, it was so quiet and you couldn’t find it unless someone told you about it. Thanks to the boys its also mine and the girls favourite places as well to just chill with everyone. It did feel a little odd without Jay, Nath and Alice though.


    To be Continued…………..

    Next part will be the last part guys xx

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