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    We all started to make are way to the reception after having some really nice photos taken that Nath and Alice will probably treausre forever. It was a very sweet ceremony but now it was down to some serious partying with everyone.

    “After you my lady!” Tom said as he opened the door for me to get out

    “Why thankyou sir!” i laughed and climbed out, looking up at this huge mansion

    “Wow, this looks expensive!” Tom said as we walked in hand in hand

    “Yeah, don’t break anything!” i laughed as we walked into this huge room where the reception would take place. Nath and Alice were already there going around speaking to various people.

    “Alright Mr and Mrs Sykes?” i asked, they both looked and smiled at achother

    “Yes thanks Em!” Alice replied

    “Congarts mate!” Tom said hugging Nath

    “Cheers Parker!” Nath said. Everyone started taking their seats, the room filled pretty quickly. We were all sat on this huge table Nath and Alice in the middle then is was the bestman Max sat next to Nath, Scott was sat beside Alice then Tom and me, the rest of the boys and us girls then Alice and Nath’s mum, dad and siblings.

    “MAX!” To shouted

    “When you doing your bestmans speech?” he shouted across the table

    “Now!” Max smiled and stood up. He tried getting everyones attention by hitting a champagne glass, clearly it wasn;t working

    “Oh my god!” Tom “let me do it!”

    “OI!” Tom shouted. Everyone stopped talking and looked over are way

    “Thats one way of doing it!” i laughed pulling Tom back to his seat.



    “Well thanks for that Tom, shouting at everyone, anyway time for the best man speech!” i said, everyone cheered

    “Please, please don’t harass me!” i could hear Nath say quietly.

    “Well well well uwhere should a i start Nathan, Flyboys, Baby Nath, Sid The Sloth”

    “Hey!” Nath butted in

    “Shut up you’re ruining my speech!” everyone laughed

    “uh so i should probably start when i first met Nathan when the band got put together…....................What was it, oh yeah we had a late night one night and Nath needed to pee so Seev locked him out and he was nearly crying outside the flat door, which everyone found funny….....................When Nath met Alice i could tell it was love at first sight, flirting with eachother but saying they were ‘just friends’, they are the cutest couple ever and make eachother very happy and i can garuntee this marriage will last forever. They make eachother happy and also enjoy eachothers company,  thats all that matters. Hope it all works out mate, you’re lucky to have a wonderful girl like Alice”

    “Awwwww” everyone started clapping

    “So here’s a toast to the newly married couple Nathan and Alice!” i said raising my glass as did everyone else.

    “Cheers mate, didn;t humiliate me to much!” Nath laughed as we sat down again.


    MY POV

    “Loved the speech Max!” i said hugging him

    “No problem, you and Nath deserve eachother!” he smiled. My brother then stood up to make a speech

    “Shit, he;s gunna embarass me like hell!” i said looking at Nath

    “Haha can’t wait!” Nath said smiling.

    “Me and Alice have always been really close ever since we were younger we would do most things together, and if i need to talk about anything i can say that Alice is the first one i would turn to…......................................................We helped eachother through everything the hard and bad times and even the good times and memories….....................

    My brother made a really emotional speech and it did make me cry a little

    “Hey come here!” Nath said hugging me and kissing my forehead.

    “C’mon time for you and Nath to make little speeches!” m mum said

    “Really mum?” i asked

    “Yes, everyone Alice and Nathan are going to make a couple of speeches!” she shouted. Nath took the microphone

    “Alice, baby girl, today has been well and truely amazing, emotional but worth it all because im sharing it with you. If i hadn’t of cme out to check on you when you were sat outside upset at your brothers 21st, who knows where we’d be now…....................When i first saw you i knew we would have something special as soon as you walked into the room my whole world lightened up….......................Al, i love you to pieces and i know we are going to still be together  when were like 90, haha. Anyway i don’t know where i’d be without you, i love you so much!” Nath said, i was now crying but sttood up to hug Nathan and took the mic from him

    “Thanks Nath for making me cry!” i laughed

    “Like Nath said i knew we had something special since the start, as soon as i looked into those deep blue/green eyes you made my world lighten up as well. Everytime we kiss and even hug it’s like fireworks go of inside me like it did the firt time it happened….....................

    I continued with my speech and even made Nath a little tearful haha score i tought to myself. Everyone had soon finished their food.

    “Guys first dance!” Megan said walking over to use “Come on everyone is waiting!”

    “Don’t rush the bride and groom!” Nath smiled as we walked hand in hand to the middle of the room. Nath placed his arms aorund my wiast and i moved my arms and wrapped them around his neck. The music stared playing Paolo Nutini Last Request.

    “Oh my god i love this song!” Nath smiled as are forhearss touched. We just swayed to the music it felt a bit strange as everyone was watching us.



    Everyone watched Nath and Alice out on the dance floor

    “Bless them!” I said as i lent against Max

    “Could be us one day!” Max smiled kissing my head

    “You did a very good job at the best mans speech!” i smiled

    “Thankyou, didn’t seem nervous at all?” he replied, i shook my head

    “You even made everyone laugh with the humiliating stuff about Nathan!” i laughed

    “Haha someone had to do it!” Max replied. As the first song fninished, the up beat dance tunes started to play so i dragged Max up and we went over with everyone else and started dancing and of coourse they played Glad You Came, so basically the whole room sang their hearts out

    “This is weird!” Max said “Peple singing are songs, seems rally surreal still eventhough we’ve been in the business for like 3 years now!”

    “Babe, im so proud of you!” I smiled


    To be Continued…..................


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