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    Me – Nath’s GF (Samz1998)</p> <p>Monica – Tom’s GF and my BFF (MonicaTheWanted)

    Nicole – Jay’s GF and my BFF (TWSupportersxXx)</p> <p>Chloe – Max’s GF (ChloeTheWantedd)

    Alannah – Siva’s GF and my BFF (I_Love_TW)</p> <p>Josh – Tom’s BFF (TWMaleFans)

    Evie – Nath’s BFF (EvieeRussell)</p> <p>Charley – Siva’s BFF (CharleyDaisy_TW)

    Alice– Max’s BFF (_alicethewanted)</p> <p>Shannon– Jay’s BFF (TW__Fanmily)


    I’ll understand you just give me a chance to love you more than you’ll ever know…


    2nd Fanfic


    Part 15:


    Nath’s POV:
    Sam turned her phone off and put it on her table. She looked up and she looked straight into my eyes. She had those eyes where you could just tell she was hurting inside. I moved closer to her and held her hand. I had to explain ‘Babe, I don’t know why I had a go at you-‘ I was cut of by Sam saying something that put a big grin on my face ‘Babe stop explaining. Today I’ve learned no matter what you say or do, I can’t live with out you. I love you Nath’ Before I could speak I was sent to heaven as Sam’s lips came crashing onto mine. The kiss got more and more passionate but then Sam suddenly pulled away. She pointed to her floor signalling that her parents were downstairs. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into another kiss before standing up and walking out her bedroom door then her front door. I don’t know where we were going but all I knew is I wanted to get lucky tonight. We walked hand in hand back to her house after going for a little walk. We decided that we were going to go back toLondon tonight so Sam’s dad was giving us a lift to the train station.


    We arrived back at my flat hand in hand. We opened the door and everyone turned there heads to just find me but the girls screamed when they saw Sam. I sat down on the sofa so Sam sat on my lap cuddled up to me. We fell asleep there but I woke up and carried Sam to her room. I lied her down on the bed and climbed in next to her. I cuddled her in my arms and fell back asleep.


    My POV:

    I woke up in Nath’s arms I smiled to myself and kissed him on the forehead. I got out of his cuddle and replaced me with a pillow. I made my way to the kitchen wanting no one to be up but I woke up to Tom shouting at the TV, Jeremy Kyle must be on. Is it that early? I walked into the kitchen with out Tom noticing. I flicked on the kettle and I heard Tom get up from the sofa. I got out 3 cups knowing he was going to want one. He reached the kitchen door and saw the 3 cups on the side and asked confusingly ‘3 cups?’ I laughed and replied with ‘yeah 1 for me, 1 for Nath and 1 for you’ a smile appeared on his face and decided to make a sarcastic comment ‘what if I didn’t want tea?’ I laughed again and replied with ‘1 I know you too well and 2 if you didn’t you getting 1 anyway’ he laughed and walked in the kitchen to put his cup in the sink. I asked ‘Tom so what’s happening on Jeremy Kyle it must have pissed you off if you were shouting at the TV’ he laughed and looked kind of embarrassed. He replied with ‘some twat always sleeping round and he got some girl preggers and he said he didn’t want anything to do with the child because he thought she was lying about the child being his so they done a test and it turns out the kids is his and he said that he don’t even want to see or help his daughter’ I mumbled ‘sounds like someone I know’ he weren’t meant to hear it but he went off in a Tom tantrum witch is never good. I turned my head to see Monica standing at the kitchen door she looked very upset and very ill. I gave her a hug and Tom’s tea, she drank it and said she needed to talk to me. I was surprised as she hadn’t talked to me since everyone fount out what happened between me and Tom. We sat down and she started to cry. I wiped the tear witch started to fall. I hated to see Monica like this I felt water run to my eyes and down my face. She looked up at me to see me crying as well. She started to explain ‘S….Sam……..I….I………th….think……..I’m…..I’m……………preggers’ My face dropped I gave her a hug and she said ‘but I’m not sure I need to take a test’ she looked terrified so I got a £10 out of my purse and walked to the pharmacy. I left Monica back at the flat because she was terrified bless her. I reached the pharmacy to find a load of paps great just what I need………………………..


    End Of Part 15


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