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    MY POV

    I hadn’t asked my brother about walking me down the aisle. And seeing as i have a free day i decided to ring him to ask him to come over.

    “Hey Scott”

    “Lil, sis was up?” He said

    “Yeah uh, i need to ask you something!” i said

    “Oh everything okay?” he replied

    “Yeah, great just can you come over?” i asked him

    “Why cant you just ask me over thr phone?” he said sounding confused

    “Cause i wanna ask you in person!” i said “Come round about 1pm!”

    “Oh okay, yeah see you then!” he said “Bye!”. Well that was a successful phonecall, that really doesn’t happen that often i thought to myself. I got myself ready and made some quick dinner before Scott came ovr. I opened the door

    “Long time no see!” he said hugging me

    “I saw you 3 days ago!” i said

    “Yeah well” he laughed as he walked in and sat down on the sofa. I made Scott a cup of tea

    “So sis whats up?” he asked sipping his tea

    “Well, you know i don’t want dad at the wedding cause he’l just ruin it ad wont turn up anyway so i havent got any one to give me away!” i said

    “Continue!” Scott said leaning forward.

    “So i was thinking, and i hope it’s okay with you i chose this person”

    “Who is it then?” he asked

    “Will you give me away Scott? i asked. His face lit up

    “Really? not mum, not granddad but me?” he asked, i nodded

    “Yes i will, thanks sis!” he smiled hugging me “But why me?”

    “Your my brother and you’ve been there throuANgh everything and supported me!“ i smiled.



    Tom was sending me a few pictures of America they were in LA, lucky gits i thought. He sent me pictures of him and the Hollywood landmark behind him.

    “Glad you having fun babe, i’m not jealous at all ;)” i repleid to his text

    “Hehe, sorry babe your lucky i sen you a picture!” i replied back. I hated it when he wasn’t here, the days dragged and going to bed on your own, with a huge space next to you was the worse. So i rang up Alice and Josie to see what they were up to as i had to keep myself busy otherwise i would be bored on my own.

    “GIRLS!” i shouted as i opened the door about 30 minutes later

    “Missing the boys yet?” Josie asked

    “Just a tad!” i replied. I got out a few nibbles like crisps and Josie then spotted a load of photos i was sorting out earlier.

    “Can we look through?” Alice asked, i nodded and moved closer and had the box on my lap showing them.

    “Awwww you and Tom!” Josie smiled

    “Haha that was like when we first met, that seems ages ago!” i said smiling

    “Oh my god, is this Tom?” Alice said lifting a photo out, i nodded

    “What is he like 5 in that photo?” asked Josie

    “Yes, so cute!” i said. I took a pic on my phone and sent it to him

    “What are you doing with that?” he replied

    “Showing Alice and Josie, old pictures!” i sent back to him

    “No way, why? you’ll regret it!” he said

    “Oh im so scared!” i texted back. I didn’t hear from him then.



    After spending another day in town shopping with Ami and going to the Cinema, i got home around 8pm and my legs were killing me as we literally had walked every street of town and back up all of them. I started to run my self a bath just to have a little relaxing time when Max started calling.

    “Max!” i shouted down the phone

    “Haha hello, look Meg haven’t got long babe but i’ll make this quick!” he said

    “Make what quick!” i asked

    “Hope your okay and not missing me too much but im missing you like crazy, hope you have a good night love you!” Max said

    “Aww babe im fine, yeah im missing you but hope your having a great time and i love you to!” i smiled to myself

    “Shit, the boys are calling me, i need to go, love you!” he said

    “Haha i can hear them, one again i love you to, bye!” i said putting the phone down. Eventhough it was a short phonecall just to hear his voice again made me smile, i turnt the taps of just in time before the  bath started to over flow.

    I got into me Pj’s and got into the bed alone for the second night guess i’ll have to get used to this for the next 12 nights, i looked over on the side where Max would normally lie, sighed a bit and tunred of the bedside table lamp, pulled the covers over and fell asleep.


    To be Continued…..................

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