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    Max’s Girlfriend – Monica
    Tom’s Girlfriend – Lucy
    Jay’s Girlfriend – Stevie
    Siva’s Girlfriend – Sasha
    Nathan’s Girlfriend – Me (Grace)
    Max’s Sister – Amna
    Tom’s Sister – Darina
    Jay’s Sister – Ciara
    Siva’s Sister – Hollie
    Nathan’s Sister – Kira
    Tom’s Best Friend – Elizabeth

    3rd TW Fanfic

    I’ll Be Your Strength

    Part 24

    3 months later

    LUCY’S POV...
    It was almost Christmas now, just 3 days to go. We were all sat in the living room watching television.
    ‘This is sooo boring! Can we go and do something else, please Lucy.’ Tom begged me.
    ‘What do you wanna do?’ I asked Tom.
    ‘I don’t know.’ Tom said sitting back down.
    ‘I know! We could go and build a snowman.’ Nath said looking so pleased with himself.
    ‘Oh my gosh! Yeah! It will be really funny.’ Max said jumping up of the sofa and running to get his hat and coat.
    Everyone was ready to go outside and build the snowman now.
    ‘Ooh! No! Jezza Kyle’s just come on!’ Tom said sitting back down.
    ‘Come on Tom! It’s on record anyway, so you won’t miss any thing!’ I said taking Tom’s hand and dragging him outside.
    ‘Where do we start with this thing?’ Tom said looking so confused.
    ‘Tom! It’s easy. Have you never made a snowman before?’ Max said starting to make the snowman.
    ‘It’s freezing out here!’ Stevie said coming outside from the house.
    ‘Come on, you wimp!’ Jay said throwing a snowball on Stevie.
    ‘Jay!’ Stevie said laughing as the snowball hit her coat.

    We were all having so much fun in the snow, but it was getting really, really cold outside now.
    ‘Im gonna go in now, it’s getting really cold and dark.’ Sasha said.
    ‘Same, It’s flipping freezing now!’ Grace said running to catch up with Sasha
    ‘Stick the kettle on, we’ll be in in 10.’ Max shouted after Sasha and Grace.
    ‘Will do.’ Sasha shouted back.

    30 minutes later

    We were all inside now, everyone had a cup of tea. We were watching ‘The Muppet’s Christmas Carol’ when the phone rang.
    ‘I’ll get it.’ Max said picking up the phone. ‘Hello.’
    ‘Hi, Is Tom there?’ A lady said.
    ‘Who’s calling?’ Max said back.
    ‘Just say it’s Elizabeth, He’ll know who I am.’ The lady said.
    ‘Okay.’ Max said with a worried look on his face.
    ‘Who is it?’ I asked Max.
    ‘Someone called Elizabeth, she wants to speak to Tom.’ Max said holding the phone up to his shoulder.
    ‘Ooh, She’s Tom’s old policewoman friend from when Grace got kidnapped.’ Jay said. ‘You weren’t there mate. You, Nath and Monica was at the hospital with Grace.’ Siva said.
    ‘Oh, right.’ Max said sitting back down and putting his arm around Monica.

    TOM’S POV...
    ‘Elizabeth!’ I said putting the phone up to my ear
    ‘Hiya, you okay?’ Elizabeth said.
    ‘Yeah, I’m really good thanks.’ I said. ‘Are you?’
    ‘I’m alright, thank you.’ Elizabeth said.
    ‘Do you want to come over to our house? We’re watching The Muppet’s Christmas Carol to get us all in a Christmassy mood.’ I blurted out to Elizabeth.
    ‘Umm… Yeah, why not. I haven’t got any more work until New Year’s Eve, so I’d be more than happy too.’ Elizabeth said.
    ‘Okay, you’ve got the address, right?’ I said.
    ‘Yup, See you in a bit.’ Elizabeth said
    ‘Yeh, See you in a bit.’ I said hanging up.

    End of Part 24

    Reallyyyyy sorry there hasn’t been any fanfic up in a while. Hope you like it :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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