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    MonicaTheWanted LucyyRosee_ yahyahyahparrot LoveTWand1D THEWANTEDHOLLIE Cici_TW_Jay kirapayne_TW DarinaTW

    Max’s Girlfriend – Monica
    Tom’s Girlfriend – Lucy
    Jay’s Girlfriend – Stevie
    Siva’s Girlfriend – Sasha
    Nathan’s Girlfriend – Me (Grace)
    Max’s Sister – Amna
    Tom’s Sister – Darina
    Jay’s Sister – Ciara
    Siva’s Sister – Hollie
    Nathan’s Sister – Kira

    3rd TW Fanfic

    I’ll Be Your Strength

    Part 15

    ‘Ahh, yes, What shoes size is everyone?’ Tom said.
    Everyone shouted their shoe sizes.
    ‘Let me do this! Your rubbish!’ I said taking the piece of paper out of Tom’s hand.
    ‘Fine!’ Tom said sitting down where I had just stood up.
    I looked at the paper, all Tom had managed to do was write down everyone’s names… Well, it was a start..!
    ‘Stevie, what’s your shoe size?’ I asked.
    ’3. Ha!’ Stevie said laughing.
    I wrote it down;
    ‘Hollie, What’s your shoe size?’ I asked Hollie.
    I wrote it down again, this continued for quite a while. I finally got to the last person, Monica.
    ‘Monica, what’s your shoe size?’ I asked Monica.
    ’7 and a half.’ Monica said.
    ‘There you go!’ I said handing Tom back the piece of paper.
    ‘What! How did you do that so fast?’ Tom asked me looking so suprised.
    ‘You need to be more organised, Thomas!’ I said winking at Tom.
    ‘I am organised… In my own way!’ Tom said.
    ‘Right, I’ll go and get the shoes then shall I?! You guys just carry on with your convo about flipping organisation.’ Jay said snatching the paper of Tom.
    ‘Thanks, Jay!’ Tom said.
    About 15 minutes later we were ready to go bowling.
    ‘So what are the teams going to be? We need 3 teams of 5.’ Ciara said.
    ‘We could do boys vs girls vs sisters?!’ Kira said.
    ‘Yeeehh, That’s a fab idea!’ Max said.

    End of Part 15

    ... Sorry it’s short, BIG suprise coming soon;)

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