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    Alisha’s POV

    We all cleaned the house and now we were all sat in the living room watching TV talking. “So why did you move to London Alisha?” Tom asked. Everyone looked at me as if it was the most interesting topic ever. “Oh erm. My mum got promoted from her old job and obviously expepted it because of money but it turned out it was here, in London. So she thought about it a while and then decided it’d be good.” I said back, quite nervously because everyone was just looking at me. “Oh cool… So what does everyone wanna do now?” Anna asked. “Well I think I have to go home and Check on my little sister soon” Jay said. “You have a little sister?” I asked curiously. “Yeah. She’s called Teela”. “Thats a nice name”. “Yeah. Shame about her” He said sarcasticley. “JAY! Teela’s lovely. She’s the sweetest thing ever!” Anna shouted. “I know, I know, I’m only joking. But I’ll have to go see if she’s alright coz mum and dad don’t get back till late and she’s on her own”.

    Jay’s POV

    It’d been an hour so I thought I better go check on Teela. “Well I’m gonna go check on the little’un” I said jumping up from the sofa. “Jay, she’s 14” Emma said. “Yeah but she’s my little sister. I’ll always refer to her as little” I said walking towards the door. “I’ll be back in about an hour” I shouted before leaving. I heard everyone shout bye and I was just about to go when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I spinned round and Anna was stood there smiling at me. “Hey. Whats up?” I asked stepping back into the hallway. “Nothing, I just wanted to say goodbye” She said smiling sweetly. “Okay” I said laughing a little. “What are you laughing?” She asked. “Nothing. Your just really cute” I said flirtily. She just looked in my eyes and then kissed me. Everytime I kiss her I get butterflies, it’s amazing. She pulled away and said bye and skipped back into the others. I just stood there a minuit letting everything sink in. I was finally going out with Anna. I then set off down the road to my house to see my sister.

    Sorry it’s been a while and this one isn’t very long. Hope you like it. Pleese give feedback :) xx

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