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    Good morning! I guess it’s still night but it’s technically morning since it’s past midnight. Why am I awake? Because I had Red Bull… yes you’re right I have that a lot, I love it! And yeah I guess it’s kinda of expensive for what you get (especially since you can get other energy drinks that taste exactly the same for like a sixth of the price) but I love it so much!! Thank you for tweeting Ian! Ugh I love him too much, I have dreams about meeting him and hugging him and then I wake up and I’m like depressed I wish my dreams came true. :) I think Sophia was the only celeb that tweeted me.. no wait a few days before she did someone called Holly Madison did! She’s an ex-playboy bunny and I watched her show when I was in Vegas and asked her to tweet me and she did so that was kinda cool! You know what is the cruelest most awful thing ever? Okay you know my Twitter name is “Shannon” and yours is “Jakeii” and Rihanna’s is “Rihanna” and you know but some people have their name as “Demi Lovato” or “Lady Gaga” and grrrr I HATE when I tweet a celeb like Gaga and then I get an email saying “Lady Gaga is now following you on Twitter!” and I’m like YES!! But then I look and it’s just a fan who’s called “Lady Gaga” does that make sense? Do you know what I mean?! I hope so because I’m not a good explainer… <—- is that a word?! ;) I’m still annoyed you got hacked and they caused people to unfollow you __ but hey at least you got Lady Gaga to follow you again! Oh.. and me! :P I know who Park Bom is from your tweets, I know who 2NE1 are from your tweets and I really need to listen to some of their songs and if I get into them then it’s because of you! I need time though I haven’t even watched any X Factor performances from tonight yet, I missed Rihanna, the only thing I know is Craig is gone and it was between him and Amelia. :( HOW were they in the bottom two?! Grrrrr. I love Amelia! Last year it was Cher Lloyd for me and this year it’s Amelia! Omg that reminds me on one of Cher’s songs “Want U Back” at the end is the cutest thing ever when she says “Do I sound like a helicopter?” Haha I love it! I agree with you, I don’t like when people say “I’m not listening to Cher because I hate her” okay number one give her a chance. Number 2 why do you hate her? Because they heard someone else hates her so it’s the cool thing to do. It really annoys me. I’m actually addicted to the song “Talk That Talk” right now, it’s so catchy! So what’s that? You want me so send you those two albums? Is that what you said? Because that’s what I heard! ;) Skye is a SHE! Haha and they’re your favourite cats? Aren’t you allergic?! :P Skye is a pretty evil cat! I mean to other people, she’s not friendly to them at all. My dog is even afraid of her because she slaps him a lot when she’s pissed off! But with me she’s not like that at all. She’s the most affectionate cat ever and sleeps in my arms and everything but with anyone else she’s a bitch, seriously! I like that though. I kind of wish Shadow was more like that. Because Shadow’s so friendly to everyone even strangers. What if someone wanted to catnap her? She’d walk right into their arms she’s such a dope! Man I just re-depressed myself because I missed I’m A Celeb too. :( I would love to go on that show, I’d kick mega ass!! I’m not scared of much at all, I mean the only thing I couldn’t do in that jungle is spiders. Ew ew ew. I can’t deal with them at all. I’m not scared of any other bug, snakes, rats, anything at all. I actually like bugs! Yes I’m weird. I can hold snakes (as I have one {well it’s my brothers but since he lives with his girlfriend now I look after it}) I’ve held so many giant bugs and I love snails! Like so much! I saw you had a twitpic of a snail that said “I has a stick” or something like that and I was like AWWWWWWWWW! <3 But then if I saw a spider the size of a full stop I’d scream. I have a fear of them and I wish I didn’t. I’ve tried to get over it but ugh I can’t. I definitely have arachnophobia. (<——Correct spelling?!) Speaking of my brother (he’s the one who got attacked a few months back) he has a hospital appointment tomorrow because since he got his nose broken in that attack it’s healed in the wrong place so he has to have an operation to get it re-broken and fixed soon. His 20th birthday was on Friday and everyone’s joking saying that for his birthday he’s getting a nose job, which is kinda true! This tweet is all jibber jabber! <—- is that even a saying? Well Ima say it! I’m tired, it’s like 1am and I should sleep but I can’t but I’m gonna try. Oh… I may possibly be SLIGHTLY excited for X Factor next week… just a little.. EEK! Okay I’m gonna go chillax. Goodnight.. morning! I LOVE YOU! And you seriously do make me laugh and smile so much, you’re a great, loyal, PERFECT friend so thank you! I admire you so much I really really do. ♥ Sweet dreams!! :) Xoxo

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