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    Part 37 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



    Tom’s POV:

    I needed to have some alone time with Alannah to explain things. I walked up to her. ‘Alannah, we need to talk, in private, please come back to my flat’ she nodded hoping I wouldn’t hurt her feelings again. We grabbed our coats and we walked back to mine. We had a long convo on the way back and we got to mine I opened the door and we sat on the sofa and talked for even longer. I wanted her back so badly and I knew just talking it out wouldn’t do that I lent into kiss her. She didn’t lean back away from me but then again she didn’t lean towards me. Our lips met I knew this was right because you always get that feeling like you were the only two in the world you also have that feeling of electricity flow through you body. Our kiss got more and more passionate. I was surprised she was kissing me after what I’ve done to her. She started to unbutton my coat then she pulled off my top and took of my trousers. I done the same to her, I loved her. I knew she knew what she was doing as she weren’t drunk or anything. I didn’t have the same feeling go through my body when I was kissing Nicole our kisses weren’t special they were just a kiss. We took it to the bedroom, that sounds so wrong but it was just so right.


    Alannah’s POV:

    Tom leaned into kiss me, I couldn’t refuse I still have feelings for Tom. Our kiss got passionate. I wanted to forgive him and in my head walking back I did I just didn’t tell him. I want to forget what Tom and Nicole had done and just concentrate on our lovely little baby. We took our sofa sexy time to the bedroom and yeah it felt like the right choice.




    I fell asleep on his bare chest. I smiled as I knew it was right. I heard the door opening for all I know we could have been getting robbed but I was too comfy. Next thing I know Sam and Nath are standing at the bedroom door. Embarrassing much. They just laughed witch woke up Tom, he pretty much shat his pants. We got up and got changed and sat in the living room watching a bit of TV. Lauren started to cry and I wanted to help out Sam to know what it would be like to be a mother. We went into Tom’s room because we didn’t want to bother the guys too much. She calmed down and went to sleep so we went back into the living room and placed her in her little car seat. She slept for quite a while, till she got hungry. Sam told me how to make the milk so I got up and started to make the milk. I walked in and Sam started to feed Lauren. She asked if I wanted to feed her I nodded and I took Lauren and feed her she was so cute. I now understood what I had to come and I loved the fact that me and Tom were starting our own little family. When I was feeding Lauren, Tom whispered in my ear ‘we’ve got all this to come babe’ I smiled and nodded. I’m glad I’ve got over the whole Tom sleeping with another girl thing. I got a text through I lefted it while I was feeding Lauren. Tom picked it up and read my text it was from Nicole…………


    End Of Part 37

    What the hell am I like with all these cliff hangers haha


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