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    Chapter 3
    NAKS’ P.O.V

    “Wow.” Was the only thing that came out of my mouth as Zayn opened the door for us. He was wearing a very tight fitting, black, v-neck shirt with some black cut offs and some high tops. Over that he had on his legendary college jacket. He looked perfect.

    “Naks wow you look fantastic!” He exclaimed. I had chosen to wear some baby green shorts, a plain white shoulder top tucked into them, and some gorgeous baby pink ballerina pumps. The baby pink and green complimented each other so well, and made me look really tan! I also had some chunky bracelets and a necklace my dad had given me before he left mum and I.. Well, before he disappeared.

    “Thanks Zayn!” I replied, smiling at the ground. No one had ever made me feel so special before.


    As I walked to where Zayn was standing, I froze. There she was, as beautiful as can be. It broke my heart to know she thought she was ugly. She was standing there, staring awkwardly at the ground while Zayn and her friend were flirting like mad.
    “Zayn man, are you going to invite these gorgeous girls inside or leave them outside for the rest of the evening?” As I started speaking, she looked up at me and I swear her whole face lit up, as if it was Christmas and she got the toy she had asked Santa for. Aww the cutie pie!

    Zayn led Naks into the TV room while Savannah was still standing in the doorway. I strode towards her and embraced her, picking her up and spinning around as she giggled. When I put her down, I gave her a big forehead kiss and she went instantly red.
    “I missed you.” I stated. It was the truth. I had thought of her the whole day until now.
    “Harry we saw you earlier today!” She said with a laugh. Oh how I love her laugh, it just makes you want to laugh along. Then and there I made a silent vow to never let anyone make her cry, a girl as sweet and pretty as her should always be happy and I will make it happen.

    I led her inside, holding her hand and brought her into the TV room. Niall was sitting on the couch, eating some pizza and when he saw Savannah he jumped up to give her a big hug.
    “Niall geroooff cwant bweeeff!!!” Was all she could say as he squeezed her tight. When he finally let go of her, she fell to the floor from being so out of breath. Just as she almost hit the ground, I caught her.
    “Sav you okay?? Niall why did you have to hug her so tight??” I said in a flat out panic.
    “Chill out mate, look at her!” Niall said. I was still holding her so when I looked towards her, I saw she was laughing like crazy over the fact that I was so worried.
    “Harry!” She said in between fits of giggles, “I’m fine, really!” Ahh crap. Well… Atleast she was laughing..
    “Sorry babe, just didn’t want your pretty little self to get hurt!” I said quickly.

    Just then, Louis came rushing into the living room. “Be back later guise, I’m going to see Sarah!!” Sarah was his best friend, but I could tell they liked each other. She was really petite and pretty with her green eyes and long brown hair. I really hope he asks her out soon! “Okay, bye Boo bear!” I shouted as he hastened towards the door. As he walked out, we heard him faintly shout out, “BIANCA’S HERE!!” And the shrill scream that followed afterwards was probably from the huge hug Lou had given her. Niall shot up and started sprinting towards the door. What followed next was really cute, at first I heard Bianca screaming in delight as Niall came into view. Then, “BEE I MISSED YOU BABY!!!” Niall then came walking casually into the TV room with Bianca on his back, holding on tight. “Ooh who are these gorgeous girls?? Harry, Zayn.. Explain!!” She said as she quickly dismounted from Niall’s back. “Well th-” “Hi I’m Bianca! Bee or Bianx for short! Who are you guise? Oh wow I love your outfit!” She interrupted Zayn as he had started to introduce the girls. “Hi, I’m Savannah..” She said nervously. Oh the poor babe! “And I’m Naks, thank you!” Naks was blushing, but she did truly look good in what she was wearing. “Hey Savs, Naks.. Wow sweet names! I see you’re still packaging girls, hey Zayn?” She said with a mischievous glint in her eye. “Wha?? Me?? Never!! But yanno, I only go for the pretty one’s eh?” He said, winking at Naks who started blushing.


    He’s so perfect. That is all I could think about as Bianca was speaking. She was really lovely! Oh no! He just caught me staring at him arrrgghh!
    “Staring at me babes?” He said with a wink.
    “Uhh mm no I was uhh well sorta..” I said, blushing. Oh for goodness sakes, I blush way too much!
    “So what are we gonna do tonight?” I asked Harry.
    “Well we were gonna get some take-aways and watch a movie if that’s alright with you girls?” Harry said.
    “Just aslong as we get Nando’s!!” Niall said seriously, which made Bianca started laughing at him.
    “Nando’s sounds good!” Said Naks, who was now sitting next to Zayn on the sofa. He had his arm casually draped across her shoulders and she seemed to be enjoying every second of it!
    “Nando’s it is!” Said Zayn.

    We all left the apartment to walk to the nearest Nando’s.

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