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    Jayne had all the boys meet up in mine and Siva’s flat for something she wanted to tell them. I opened the door and it was Nath and Alice hand in hand

    “Alri’” said Nath walking in, tey were the last people to arrive so we all sat down waiting for Jayne to knock on the door.

    “As much as i enjoy this job if Jayne cmoes in to tell us we have to do something else i will scream!” said Tom

    “Same all i want is at least a day of, a week or two would be nice but i need a rest!” said Siva putting his arm aorund me

    “You boys desrev time off to catch up on everything and to see your families and that and just have a huge rest!” i replied. The the door bell went

    “It’s open Jayne!” shouted Siva. Jayne walked in

    “How did you know it would be me?” she aske “Anyone could of rang the doorbell!” she said sitting down.

    “Well you said you were coming at 11!” said Siva, i just laughed.

    “Jayne, tea?” Siva asked

    “No thanks Seev i gotta go in a minute see the GMD3 boys!” she replied

    “Sooooo?” asked Tom

    “Right since you boys worked so hard on the tour and haven’t had a proper rest or time to yourself in months i have arranged for you all to have 10 days off, then in a few months a holiday in France for all of you and the girls!” said Jayne

    “Really 10 DAYS OFF TO DO WHAT WE WANT, WHEN WE WANT!” said Nath


    “Yes you boiys deserve it you have wroked so hard this past year!” said Jayne

    “Cheers Jayne!” said Siva

    “So starting from today we have 10 days off?” asked Jay, Jayne nodded

    “I really need to go or i’ll be late but i will ring you guys in a few days!” she said getting up

    “Bye!” she said opening the door

    “Jayne!” shouted Tom

    YOUR THE BEST!” Siva shouted laughing.

    “Kiss asses!” she said laughing back and shutting the door behind her.


    “Where you going?”

    “Uh she said 10 days off, im making the most of it!” said Tom walked out the door with Emma.


    MY POV

    “Well that was a nice suprise!” i said to Nath as we made are way back to the flat.

    “Yeah it was and France i can’t wait, first holiday together!” he smiled

    “Technically second!” i replied “Cornwall was are first!”

    “Oh yeah well first holiday abroad together!” Nath smiled unlcoking the door to his flat.

    “So what do you wanna do in these 10 days then?” Nath asked me

    “Well it’s your time off, what would you like to do?” i asked

    “I’m gunna go back home i think for at least 1 week!” he replied

    “That’ll be nice i bet your family are well excited to see you, and i bet there very proud as well!” i smiled

    “Haha” Nath blushed a little “Your coming with me”

    “Really your going back to see your family and you wanna bring me?” i asked

    “Well your just as important to me as they are babe and i haven’t seen you whilst i wa son tour either” he replied hugging me

    “My mum won’t care she loves you!”

    “Really?” i asked

    “Yes she wouldn’t stop saying how nice you are and how perfect we would be for eachother on the phone the other day” Naths miled

    “Okay well in that case i accet your offer to go back t Gloucester with you!” i laughed

    “Good girl!” said Nath looking down and smiling at me. “We leave tomorrow!”

    “What?” i asked

    “Yeah i knew we wuld have tomorrow of but i didn’t know 10 days i’ll just tell my mum im staying for a week!” Nath laughed

    “I need to pack!” i said running upstairs.

    “Oi i need to as well wait up!” Nath shouted.



    “You wanted to get out of Siva’s and Ami’s quickly Parker!” i said

    “Yeah were catching the train to Bolton in 4 hours, need to pack!” he said

    “Wait what do you mean we?” i asked

    “Uh we means you and me going to Bolton!” he said

    “What?” i asked

    “Yeah me and the boys thought it would be nice to suprise you girls by taking you back home with us!” smiled Tom. So after the short notice i said bye to the girls by phone as we left for the sation i mean it was nice that Tom was taking me back to his but i didn’t wanna feel i was intruding as he hasn’t seen his family properly for months.


    To be Continued…

    Sorry it’s a little crap and short again i have been really busy


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