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    PREVIOUSLY: It was the last day of the boys first UK tour so me the girls went up to Edinburgh to watch them and there was a huge party afterwards.



    I woke up in some hotel room after i heard someone knocking on the door. I was led in bed but Jay wasn’t there. I can’t even remember coming in last night. i got out of bed to get a glass of water and found Jay asleep on the sofa fully clothed still. I got up to open the door and Jayne was stood there

    “Morning Josie is Jay there?” she asked

    “Uh he’s asleep on the sofa!” i replied

    “Wake him up, we gotta be outta of here inan hour!” she said

    “AN HOUR!” i replied, she nodded

    “Be down at the lobby at 10 please!” she said walking of.

    *OI MCGUINESS!” i said chucking a pillow at him

    “GO AWAY!” he moaned

    “NO GET UP WE GOTTA LEAVE IN AN HOUR!!” i shouted at him

    “NOOOOO!” he said

    GET UP!” i shouted

    “Yeah i am!” he said going back to sleep. I walked of and made two cups of tea

    “Oi move your feet so i can sit down Jay!” i said, he slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes, i handed him the tea

    “Cheers!” he  said “Was Jayne at the door a minute ago?”, i nodded.

    “Do you remember even going to sleep last night?” he asked, i shook ,my head and laughed.

    “How drunk was eevryone?” i asked

    “God knows” said Jay shruggig his shoulders.



    We got back to the boys new apartments and i went in with Tom to his.

    “HOME!” he said runing in and sitting down on the sofa

    “I’ll shut the door then!” i laughed and joined him

    “Im am knackered!” Tom said putting his arm round me

    “But yuo had fun on the tour right?” i asked

    “It was amazing best thing ever!” he replied smiling, i smiled back at him.

    “I need to get bacxk to mine and unpack and that!” i said

    “NO!” said Tom

    “Alright i was just saying!” i said

    “What i meant was i had been thinking when we were on tour, if you wanted to move in!” Tom asked

    “What with you?” iasked

    “No with Nath, of course with me” Tom said sarcastically

    “You sure?”

    “Yes i’d love to be with you more often!” Tom said

    “Tom i loved to, but Alice would have to be in the house on her own paying for everything since Josie and me moved out!” i said

    “Uh well she might not have to!” he replied, i looked at him like what do you mean. Then Alice rang me

    OMG GOD GUESS WHAT NATH ASKED ME TO MOVE IN WITH HIM!!” she shouted down the phone “But your gunna be in the house on your own!”

    “DON’T WORRY CAUSE TOM ASKED ME TO!” i said to her, we were on the phone for about 10 minites.

    “See you don’t need to worry about her being on her own!” said Tom as i put my phone down.

    “You knew Nath was gunna ask her?” i asked

    “Yeah we were talking about it n tour!” Tom replied.


    MY POV

    Well that was a shock, Nathan asked if i wanted to move in with him i really wasn’t expecting that when we got back later this afternoon. I was on the phoento Emma and found out that Tom aslo asked her to move inwith him which i was happy as one of us would be living on are own.

    Sooooo…” Nath said walking back in

    “Yes!” i said hugging him

    “Yes i don’t have to live on my own!” he said

    “Don’t you liike it?2 i asked

    “Well it gets lonely sometimes” he replied.


    Me and Nath were walking through the park on are way back from just having tea out as there was nothing in the cupboards at home. It was around 9 o’clock and it was pretty dark. We walked past a couple with there little boy who was running, din’t see where he was going and ran into Nath.

    “Woah, you all right little man?” he asked helping him up. His mum and dad came over

    “I’m so sorry, Dylan you shouold look where your going!” said the mum

    “Haha it’s fiine” said Nath

    “Sorry” said the little boy and ran of again

    “N’aww he was sweet” i said turning to Nath as we stopped on the bridge which was lit up. I lent against the bridge and Nath stood in front of me.

    “At least you didn’t knee him in the face” i said to Nath laughing, he laughed back then went all serious

    “Well that could be me and you one day” he smiled closing the gap between us, i smiled at him

    “I guess it could” i replied as he lent down and kissed me.


    To be Continued….........

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