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    Part 6 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….




    Nathan’s POV:

    Last night was amazing I’m surprised I remember any of it. I remember we were all teasing Sam calling her a light weight so she got pissed of and started shots I mean she only just turned 18 and she knew how to make shots already. Anyway it’s still bugging me inside how much I want to ask her out on a date Chloe can already tell how much I liked her. So she’s been moaning at me because I still haven’t asked her.


    Chloe’s POV:

    Morning came and Nath somehow fell asleep next to Sam I knew how much he like her but he just won’t tell her it’s eating me alive not telling Sam.


    Evie’s POV:

    Me and Jay were getting on really well even though we had the worst hangover in the world thanks to Sam.


    Jay’s POV:

    I think Evie could be the one but I don’t know how to tell her or when the right time to tell her. Knowing me I’ll be really clumsy oh well I’ll find the right time very soon.


    Erin’s POV:

    I pulled Jay in to the hallway and told him I knew he stood there with a confused face I said I knew he like Evie and that he’ll find the right time soon to tell her and that he shouldn’t be nervous. He gave me a hug and said thanks for the support.


    Ellie’s POV:

    I really liked Siva he was just so nice and kind and caring I would love to go on a date with him but I’m scared to ask him out.


    Siva’s POV:

    Ellie’s just so funny she’s seems like my type of girl I’m gunna ask her out on a date today but I don’t know when.


    Max’s POV:

    So I felt the time was now. I grabbed Lottie by the hand and dragged her to the stairs we both sat down. I was still holding her hand so I just asked her ‘Lottie look I love your personality and you seem like the girl for me so will you go on a date with me tonight?’ She said she had nothing to wear but the dress she bought yesterday I told her to wear that and I would wear jeans and a shirt. I kissed her on the check and she walked back into the living room everyone was staring at her so she blushed.


    Lottie’s POV:

    OMG that did not just happen or did it. Did Max George just ask me out on a date I was trying to hold it in but I couldn’t I told Sam and she gave me a hug I asked her if she would help me get ready she smiled I was taking that as a yes! She went into what she called a playroom grabbed her hair straightens and tongs I’m guessing her make up was in her room even though she didn’t wear or need any. She started with my make up so she got a hair band and started. When she finished I looked in the mirror she done a great job you can tell she done GCSE hair&beauty now time for the hair part of her GCSE. She removed the hair band and she asked me if I wanted a feathered side fringe I nodded because she had one and I trusted her. She stared the cutting and feathering she got this really cool ‘3 day straight’ spray and sprayed it in my damp hair she blow dried my hair straight then straightened it then curled it. She was and amazing hair&beauty person. I heard a knock at her bedroom door she shouted come it and it was Chloe handing me a Sam a tea we both said thanks and the same time so we laughed my hair took 2 hours it was now time to get changed and accessorised. Max knocked at the door Sam opened it because she wanted to keep me a surprise to Max he asked if it really took this long to get ready as it took me 3 ½ hours to get ready. She replied with a yes and slammed the door in his face. She handed me her plain black high heels as we were both a size 5 ½ we opened the door and walked down the stairs.


    Max’s POV:

    WOW! She was beautiful not that she weren’t already but just WOW! I whispered to Sam ‘thanks for your help today’ she said it was okay. I gave Lottie a hug and we walked out the door and into the car.


    Sam’s POV:

    I said ‘WOW! That was a long 3 ½ hours’ everyone said how beautiful she looked. I said ‘there gunna have a great date tonight’ by that time everyone knew they were going on a date.


    End Of Part 6

    Sorry It’s really long hope you’ve enjoyed it.


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