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    PREVIOUSLY: Everyone went out to get the stuff for the party and when they came back Siva walked in on Jay and Josie. Emma came back with Tom a few hours later and the party was started.


    MY POV

    So Emma was very happy about the party we threw and she kept thanking us which she really didn’t need to. We ordered pizza and sat around the table.

    “This may be my last time eating with all of you at once!” she said, we all sighed and gave a weak smile. 

    “Anyway since pizza is done, Emma close your eyes we have something else for you!” i said nodding at Nath to grab the cake.

    “Guys why i hate suprises and there already been enough..” she said getting cut of by me saying “Open your eyes!”

    “Ooh Cake!” She said smiling, she went quiet and read the message

    “Thanks guys, Gunna miss you all to!” she said. “Anyway wipe the frowns of your face, the cake won’t eat itself!” she said getting up to grab a knife.


    The party was in a full swing, it looked like Emma was having a good time which was the main thing, i was just watching Emma with Tom thinking how heart broken there both gunna be about this. Nath then walked in fornt me

    “Whats up?” he said

    “Nothing!” i said

    “Come on, dance!” he said pulling me of the sofa, i smiled

    “I’m good thanks Nath!” i said

    “Come on, don’t be boring!” he wined. I really didn’t feel up to dancing i was just thinking about the next few days, i walked up and headed to the kitchen to be on my own, Nath followed me out.

    “Hey whats wrong?” he asked, i looked at him, he held his arms out “Hug?”, i walked into his arms.

    “Is this about Emma leaving?” he asked, i nodded

    “You’ll see her again, you can skype and that Al!” he said kissing me head

    “I know but it ain’t the same Nath!” i said.



    This party was pretty good actually even though it was only the ten of us, we had music to rave to, lots of drinks and that to be honest i completely forgot about what this party was really for. Spending time with everyone while i could was the main thing so i tried sticking to that as i only had one day left after tonight.

    “Hey Emma, since Tom left you we thought we’d join you with the dancing!” said Megan and Josie

    “Cheers girl doesn’t look like Paker is coming back any time soon!” i laughed, as we sarted dancing. Nath and Alice walked back in they had been gone a while, Alice wlaked over to where me and the girls were dancing.

    “Your alright?” i asked

    “Yeah fine, enjoying yourself?” she smiled

    “Haha yes!” i replied. The boys then came over

    “Thought we’d join you!” said Tom putting his arms around me

    “Well it’s about time, you were gone long enough!” i said laughing

    “Oi cheeky!” he said wacking me slightly.





    Well today was my last day and i woke up next to Tom, i couldn’t remember much plus i had a banging headache, god knows what time we went to bed or how much actually drunk and i was still fully clothed. I looked over at the time and it was 12pm. Shit i thought i don’t wanna spend my last day in bed.

    “TOM!” i said skaing him

    “Urgh what?” he said opening one eye

    “It’s 12pm come on im not staying here all day!” i said

    “Shit is it that late?” he said sitting up, i nodded. We got up, showered and got dressed. As i came out of the showere i saw Tom sat there staring into sapce. I looked at him, it made me die inside.

    “Tom!” i said sitting next him

    “Oh hey didn’t realise you were done already” he said hugging him.

    “Emma how are you so calm about this, you seem to be fine with it and your the one moving, your acting cool about it then you get me, Emma im literally dying inside thinking about you going!” he blurted out.

    “Really Tom i’m only putting that on, as if im upset about it then it will make you and the others upset about it, then i will feel guilty and it would just be harder for me to go babe!” i said

    “I know it won’t be easy!” he said a tear rolled down his cheek, i hugged him tighter

    “I promise i will ring everyday, skype i’ll do everything to hear you voice or see you Tom and i will come to see you!” i said

    “Promise!” he said

    “Promise!” i replied kissing him.


    To be Continued….....

    Sorry it’s a little short xx

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