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    PART 12

    PREVIOUSLY: Emma got told by her parents that they had to move to America for her mums job and Jay took Josie out for a roomantic picnic in the sun.



    I sat on my bed debating to myself wether to go and tell tom now or later on. I desperatly wanted to go now but i couldn’t find the courage. I got a few texts off Tom saying if i was okay and if i wanted to come over for a bit i didn’t reply, i felt horrid but i needed to tell Tom face to face so i slowly grabbed my bag and headed for the door.

    “Oh theres life” said my mum as i walked down the stairs

    “Go away” i replied opening the door

    “Where are you going now?” she asked

    “Funnily enough im going to tell Tom and my friends the devestating news and im going back to my place” i replied slamming the door behind me and took a slow walk over to the boys house.

    I walked up the path and took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. Max opened it

    “Hey Tom’s been worrying about you” he said

    “Oh has he yeah is he in?” i asked

    “Uh yeah he’s in the fornt room watching telly and have you been crying?” asked Max

    “Okay and sort of” i said walking in to see Tom

    “Hey babe wait whats wrong?” he said rushing over to me he gave me the biggest hug ever

    “Uh could we go somewhere more private” i replied

    “My room?” said Tom, i nodded as he tok my hand, we entered his room and he quietly shut the door behind us both.

    “Now whats wrong?” he asked as we sat on his bed “What did your mum and dad want? I looked Tom straight into the eyes and cried he hugged me tighter

    “Tom i’m” i said then stopped

    “Your what?” he asked

    “I-I’m movin to A-America” i said. Tom stopped and looked at me and his jaw dropped

    “What?” he said

    “My mum got her dropped transferred over to Florida” i said crying

    “But what about us” asked Tom his eyes were filling up with tears

    “I don’t know Tom” i said looking to the floor, he liften my chin up

    “When you going?” he asked

    “Next month” i said hugging him then i saw a tear roll down his cheek i had never seen Tom cry before.

    “I know we haven’t been together for long but i felt like i’ve known you forever” said Tom

    “Tom please don’t make it harder than it already is” i replied getting up to leave

    “Wait where you going?” he asked

    “I need sometime to think Tom im gunna go back to mine for a bit” i said

    “See you later?” he asked

    “Yeah” i replied hugging him tight.



    Me and Jay led there in the sun beaming down on us both, just being able to relax without a care in the world for once was the best thing ever especially with my boyfriend.

    “Uh Josie do you think we could lie in the shade as i don’t wanna go red!” said Jay, i laughed

    “Haha sure don’t want you looking like a tomatoe” i said, so we moved into the shade under this huge tree.

    “Thanks for today” i said smiling at him

    “Your welcome anything for you” he replied

    “Aww Jay your face is red” i laughed

    “Shit we got a photoshoot tomorrow oh why me” he moaned

    “Well you should of used factor 50!” i said

    “Oh be quiet everyone else just tans but then you get me” he said, i couldn’t stop laughing

    “A lobster” i joked, Jay hit me lightly

    “Oi don’t take your anger out on me Jaybird” i said wacking him back. Okay yes we looked a bit weird hitting eachother in the middle of the park and we got a few strange looks, but we just laughed it off. So far no paps which was good as it was peaceful everywhere.



    Me and Siva was just hanging out in the kitchen talking.

    “Right Siva we seriously need to plan something for tomorrow, i can’t stay in a house for another day babe im bored” i said

    “Oh yeah same but we have been bowling, the theme park, swimming, the beach, shopping” replied Siva

    “True” i said sighing

    “Well we could always” winked Siva

    “SIVA!” i shouted “Dirty buggar”, Tom then walked in his face was red his eeys were puffy.

    “woah mate you alright?” said Siva walking over to him

    “Aww Tom tell us whats happened” i said hugging him

    “Emma is moving to America” he said sobbing into mine and Siva’s arms

    “Why?” i asked

    “Her mums job” said Tom

    “But she has her own house and she’s nearly 20” said Siva looking confused

    “I know her parents wouldn’t let her” said Tom slumping himself on a chair in the kitchen and crying into his arms.

    “Aww Tom im sure you’ll work something out mate” said Siva sitting next to him

    “But she’s going ovet there forever!” he replied, no one said anything for a good 5 minutes an awkward silence filled the air.


    To be Continued….........

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