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    PREVIOUSLY: In the newspaper that morning there was pictures of Alice and Nathan kissing in the park, Alice was getting hate on twitter, Jayne came over and had a huge go at Nathan. Then unexpectedly Alice thought her and Nath should just be friends then walked out the house.



    I don’t get it, we were so happy then bang all of a sudden she walks out saying we should be just friends, i can’t be just friends i love her what about last night maybe getting caught has bought all this on oh and so much for supportive fans i thought to myself i sat on the sofa and buried my head in my hands not wanting to speak to anyone.

    “Hey buddy” said Jay walking in, i just ignored him “You seen Josie?” he asked

    “Gone out” i said


    “Speak to Alice” i replied

    “Why?” asked Jay confused

    “She walked out a minute ago saying we should be just friends and she couldn’thope with everyone being mad at her she thinks it’s her fault and all the fans are giving her hate, so much for there bloody support” i said crying

    “She broke up with you in other words?” replied Jay

    “Well i was trying to avoid that idea but yeah i guess so” i said getting up to head to my room. Avoiding everyone in my path who tried speaking to me.


    “MY POV*

    Josie came knocking on my bedroom door.

    “Go away” i said

    “No, why did you do that to Nathan?” i asked her, i opened the door and let her in, sighed and sat in my bed.

    “I-i” i said

    “You don’t know do you?, poor boy is confused you dropping that on him he thought you were happy together” replied Josie

    “I was happy until the hate on twitter and Jayne” i replied

    “Come on, speak to Nathan you’ll sort it out, come on his fans are gunna be mad but they don’t choose who he dates do they?” said Josie

    “Supose not , but it hurts Josie the death threats as well” i replied crying

    “Hey come on lets go back to the boys you need to speak to Nath about this” she sad getting up and hugging me. We got to the boys house

    “I’ll be there in a minute you go on” i said getting my laptop out

    “Okay but if your not there in 30 mins i’ll be coming to get you okay” smiled Josie

    “See you in a but hun” i said. I got up twitter and went back onto my mentions oh look more hate, lucky me i scrolled down a bit until a comment from Nath was ther it said ‘Guys please stop hating on Alice, you don’t know how upset she is’. You know what maybe i should go and speak to Nathan i thought.



    I walked the boys house thinking about the last few months and all that had gone on, i approached the door and saw Jay looking out the window which made me laugh as he was pulling funny faces.

    “There you are” said Jay running up to me as i walked into his house.

    “Haha yeah loved the faces you were pulling babe” i said

    “Haha yeah didn’t scare you of then?” he said

    “No it’ll take a but more than that to scare me of” i replied laughing huggign him.

    “Here on your own?” asked Jay

    “Yeah Alice is gunna be round in a bit” i replied

    “Ah how is she, what did she say about her an Nath?” asked Emma walking up to me

    “Uh well she is upset about the hate obviously and she said she’s gunna speak to Nath in a bt” i replied

    “Aww her and Nath were so cute they can’t end it” said Emma frowning.


    MY POV

    “You here to see Nathan?” asked Tom walking past

    “Uh yeah” i replied

    “He’s in his room, crying” said Tom. I feel bad now i never wanted it to be like this, i got to Nathans room the door was slightly open

    “Uh Nathan can i come in?” i asked, he looked round then looked back towards the wall

    “Supose so” he said not looking at me, i walked in slowly, Nath sat up then stood up to see me

    “Why?” he asked me

    “Im sorry Nath” i said trying ot hold in the tears. He walked past me i wondered where he was going he shut the door then walked back

    “You never answered my question” said Nath, his eyes were all puffy and red form where he had been crying.

    “I can’t deal with the hate Nath or the fact your manager is fuming with you and me at the moment because of getting caught and all” i said

    “Who cares what the fans think, they don’t decide who i wanna be in love with thats my decision funnily enough and the management and Jayne who cares if they told me not to i shouldn’t be told when i can and when i can’t spend time with my girlfriend” said Nath

    “But Nath the hate comments are horrible” i replied “And your management are gunna hate you”

    “Look the fans are gunna be mad for a while but they’ll have to get used to the idea won’t they?” he said “And the management well we were gunna go public sooner or later anyway i really don’t see the difference”

    “I know but all the fans love Megan and Ami they never got hate like i am” i replied, Nath sighed

    “Why is my life harder than everyone elses” he said sitting in his bed, i went over and hugged him

    “I’m sorry Nath i probably over reacted about the whole situation” i replied, Nath just looked up at me and hugged me again, i pulled away

    “Nathan” i said


    “Uh well earlier when you and Jayne were arguing and you said you loved me” i said, Nath smiled and looked at me

    “Well did you mean it?” i asked, Nath hugged me tighter

    “Course i did” he said

    “Well then, i love you to” i said smiling.


    To be Continued….


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