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    PREVIOUSLY: The party came to an end and Nath took Alice back to his and the boys house for the night and in the morning Siva caught Nath and Alice snuggled up in bed together asleep.




    I woke up in mine and Josie’s house it was only me and Tom there i thought we were all going back to mine and Josie’s but obviously the othesr ditched us and probably went back to the boys i wasn;t to sure to be honest but i heard the doorbell ring. I didn’t want to answer it as i was still in me pyjamas but i looked out the window and saw it was Alice’s mum.

    “Hello” i said

    “Hi Emma is Alice there?” she asked me

    “Sorry no” i replied

    “Well do you know where she is, i thought she was staying at your last night” said her mum

    “Um i don’t really no she maybe with Josie at her boyfriends house but i don’t know for sure sorry” i said, then from behind i heard Tom shouting.

    EMMA, EMMA!” he shouted running down the stairs in his boxers as i still had the door wide open talking to Alice’s mum.

    “There you are” said Tom hugging me from behind

    “Great timing” i said to him sarcastically.

    “Tom this is Alice’s mum Louise, Louise this is my boyfriend Tom” i said.

    “Hiya” said Tom still stood there in his boxers without a care in the world i just laughed as i said bye to Louise and headed back inside.


    MY POV

    I woke up to see Nathan staring at me.

    “Morning” i said sitting up slowly “Why were you watching me sleep?”

    “Morning and i was bored, didn’t want to wake you” Nath replied he kissed my forehead. I then looked at my phone and had about 10 mssed calls from Mum.

    “Oh i’m in deep shit when i get home” i said

    “Why?” asked Nath

    “10 missed calls from mum and about 5 text saying ring me where are you” i replied “Sorry Nath i better go”

    “Aww okay see you later yeah?”

    “Sure” i said hugging him then heading out the door. As i raced down the stairs Megan was coming up them

    “Oh hey have fun with Nathan” she laughed

    “Sorry can’t stop” i said slamming the door behind me.

    I got to my house and opened the door.

    “Hi mum!” i shouted she came out the kitchen

    “Hello where were you last night?” she asked me

    “I was at Josie and Emma’s” i replied hoping she would believe me

    “Really how come when i went over there earlier Emma said you never went back to hers last night eh?” she asked me. Shit i thought

    “I was at another mates house” i said

    “What mate?”

    “You know Josie’s boyfriend Jay i went with her to stay at his and his band mates house” i said

    “Oh right where did you sleep?” she asked me.

    “In the spare room” i said trying to sound convincing

    “And why are you wearing boys clothes?” she asked me. Shit i forgot to change well lets try and get out of this one i thought to myself.

    “Well i borrowed some of Nathan’s clothes as i couldn’t sleep in a dress could i mum?” i said

    “No i supose not well at least you were somewhere safe” she said walking off.



    We were all sat in the kitchen eating breakfast when Nathan came in.

    “How the new love baby Nath?” asked Max

    “Love?” said Nath

    “Oh come on you and Alice you dipstick” said Jay laughing

    “Oh right yeah” Nath smiled

    “Aww your cute together” i said

    “So what went on behind that bedroom door last night flyboy?” laughed Max

    “Nothing we slept” said Nath making himself a cuppa

    “Oh really?“ i said playing along“Wait did you scare her off earlier as i saw her rushing down the stairs and out the front door”

    “Haha Oh Nath what did you do” asked Max

    “I didn’t do anything she rushed of because she had 10 missed calls from her mum and answer phone messages saying where the hell was she Alice rushed of back home!” replied Nath walking out the kitchen.

    “He’s so easy to wind up” said Max shaking his head and hugging me as we laughed at Nath.


    MY POV

    So i got dressed into some denim shorts and a striped vest top and headed over to see Emma and Tom.

    “Hello” said tom answering the door

    “Hiya” i said walking in then hugged Emma as she came down the stairs

    “Where were you last night?” asked Tom

    “Uh your house” i replied

    “Thats where you got to” said Emma

    “Thanks for telling my mum i wasn’t with you she asked me loads of questions when i got back where were you why you wearing boys clothes you could of told her i was in bed upstairs” i said sitting down

    “Sorry hun you should of said” replied Emma

    “Hang on wait go back a minute why were you wearing boys clothes?” asked Tom handing me a cup of tea

    “Well Nath gave me a pair of his trackies and a top of his for me to wear to bed instead of wearing my dress” i said

    “Oh right wait you slept with Nathan” asked Emma

    “Haha uh well yeah not in that way though” i said

    “Ah right so you and Nathan” said Tom winking at me

    “Shut up” i said i felt my self going red.

     “Aww you two will make the cutest couple ever” said Emma hugging me

    “Kissed him yet?” asked Tom, i just looked at the floor

    “You have haven’t you blimy you don’t waste time do you girl” said Emma making me laugh.

    “Well i was sat outside last night upset that dad didn’t bother coming again, Nath found me and we started talking then yeah the kiss just happened” i said smiling.

    “Well im happy for you both just one thing press ain’t aloud to know yet” said Tom as we headed out the door back to the boys house

    “I know that you and Emma shouldn’t be holding hands in public then should you” i said looking at them

    “Shit yeah can’t wait till the public know then i don’t have to be carefull out in the public eye” said Tom frowning.


    To be Continued….....




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