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    PREVIOUSLY: Jayne gave the boys news that they were going to go on their first ever UK tour and Nathan and Alice may have got caught by the papz in the park.



    Me and Max walked into the kitchen that morning and saw everyone else apart from Nathan staring a newspaper, they didn’t look once at me and Max to say morning.

    “Everything alright guys?” i asked

    “Look at this” said Tom turning the paper round so me and Max could have a look.

    “Oh my god he just had to go and get himself caught stupid boy” said Max shaking his head. In The SUN newspaper there was a section on Nathan and Alice kissing in a park and mucking around. Everyone was shocked as Jayne specifically told them not to go public with relationships yet.

    “Jayne is gunna kill Nathan” said Jay

    “And what is the managment gunna say” i replied

    “Dunno but i bet there reading it right now” said Siva.

    “When was this though?” i asked

    “Probably last night, Nath did say he went out with Alice when we told him not to cause he would get caught but he said he would be carefull but look where that got him” said Max making me a cup of tea.



    I headed into the kitchen to make some toast when everyone just glared at me and gave me a dirty look but i didn’t know why.

    “Morning to you to” i said heading to the cupboard.

    “Haha your not having any breakfast till you have explained yourself Sykes” said Tom shutting the cupboard door in my face.

    “What you on ab…” i replied but before i could fnish my sentence Tom put the paper in my face.

    “OH” i said sitting down. The title was ‘Sykes gets loved up in a Park’ It read, with a picture next to it of me and Alice kissing,

    ‘Nathan Sykes from The WANTED was last night caught kissing a girl and messing around in a park nearby to the boys home in London, no one knows who the girl may be. Sorry girls but Nathan Sykes may be taken.’

    “So…..Explain!” said Max

    “This isn’t good” i said shaking my head

    “No shit sherlock” said Jay

    “We told you not to go out and get caught but what did you do go out and get caught” said Siva, everyone was just looking at me.

    “We got talking in the park then we started kissing, heard rustling in the bushes then both jumped up and went back home we hoped we got away in time but..” i replied

    “But you didn’t” said Megan.

    “I’m sorry guys, i know i shouldn’t have even gone out in the first place” i said sighing.

    “Jayne will be over soon i guarentee that” said Jay walking of.


    MY POV

    I was sat with Scott in the kitchen when my mum came home from the shops and straight away Scott pulled out the newspaper.

    “So what did you get up to last night you came home later than usual” asked Scott

    “With Josie and Emma got carried away” i replied, he belived me thankgod little did  know what was going to come up on the next page of the paper.

    “Haha looks like that Nathan kid got loved up last night in a park” laughed Scott

    “Haha” i tried playing a long then walked out the kitchen.

    WAIT THERE!” shouted Scott “Come back!”. I walked over to him

    “Thats you!” He said to me. “MUM ALICE WAS KISSING NATHAN IN A PARK!” shouted Scott

    “Yes it’s me” i said sitting down

    “She’s what?” replied my mum walking in. Scott shoved the paper in her face

    “Who’s this then?” she asked me

    “Nathan Sykes from The Wanted” I replied

    “So thats where you were last night you were getting it on in a park, dirty girl” laughed Scott

    “Nothing happened we just kissed” i said heading to my room. I logged onto twitter, the fans were going mental there was hate all over the screen i felt my heart sink inside. I went onto Nathans profile and he had tweetd “Yes it’s true i love Alice she means a lot to me” i smiled but then went onto my mentions to find more hate, one or two death threats, i shut my lptop down and cried a little.

    My phone started going of it was Josie i picked it up

    “Hey” i said

    “Hello saw it in the paper yet?” she asked me

    “Yeah” i replied , Scott and mum have found out aswell”

    “Oh how did they take it?”

    “Not to bad” i said

    “You coming over the boys with me and Emma?”

    “Uh yeah be over in 5” i said putting my phone down.


    We got to the boys house and Jay opened the door.

    “Hello” he said smiling and hugging Josie

    “Oh saw your little thing with Nathan in the paper” laughed Jay

    “Jay leave it” said Josie

    “Yeah please i’ve had enough grief from Scott thanks” i said walking in to find Nathan.

    “Hey we got caught” he said hugging me

    “Yep i know” i said, then we got interuppted by Jayne stomping in the house.

    “Oh hi yeah im fine thankyou!” shouted Jay sarcastically at her

    NATHAN IN THAT ROOM NOW!” she shouted

    “SHIT” said Nath following her in, she slammed the door and started shouting at him.Maybe going out with Nathan wasn’t such a good idea i mean his manager is fuming with him his fans hate me. I was listening in


    “I KNOW, I DON’T REALLY CARE I LOVE ALICE!” shouted Nathan back. Wait did i hear that right Nathan just said he loved me? Jayned then opened the door

    “Be back later bye boys aid Jayne

    “See you Jayne” said Jay confused, everyone looked at me. Oviously me and him we just gunna ruin the relationship with his manager and his fans maybe we should just be friends i thought. Nath came back down the stairs

    “Nathan i need to speak to you” i said

    “Whats up?” he asked hugging me i pulled away he looked confused

    “Maybe we should just be mates” i said sighing

    “Wait, wh-whats bought all this on?” he asked

    “The hate im getting from your fans, they hate me Nath and your manager is angry with you and me, it’s probably best of if were friends” i said looking to the gorund

    “Wait no look the hate will die down i promise and Jayne she never stays mad for long she be back in a minute all happy” he said

    “Sorry Nath” i said with a tear in my eye then i left the house and headed home.



    “Nathan you alright?” i said, he was white as a sheet and then he burst into tears and hugged me

    “Whats happened?” i asked

    “Alice broke up with me” he said

    “She did what?” i asked him

    “She said she couldn’t stand the hate from the fans and that Jayne was angry at me and thought it was her fault and she said we should just be friends to make things easier” he replied, we both sat down

    “I’ll speak to her” i replied storming out the house and heading to hers.


    To be Continued….......

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