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    Part 14 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….




    Evie’s POV:

    Today we were going furniture shopping the final say always came down to Sam as she was paying the morgage each month. The guys couldn’t come along as they had a meeting at the studio. I think it was better that way because they didn’t like going shopping.


    Alannah’s POV:

    So we all headed off to Wembley High Road to get our furniture. The guys couldn’t tag along as they had a meeting at the studio.




    We finished all our furniture shopping so we headed to the nearest café. Sam got a call of Nath we only heard her side of the convo witch was. ‘Hi babe…..Were in Tommy’s Café…Okay love you bye.’ I’m guessing they were heading back to the flat or something. I saw the guys through the glass window but Sam wasn’t taking no noticed the boys signalled for me to shut up about them being there the snuck up behind Sam and ‘BOO’ she jumped out of her skin bless her she turned round and gave Nath a hug. She got up and bought all the guys a cuppa. We somehow squeezed them round the table. After we finished our cuppa’s we stood up and left the café we headed back to Nath’s flat as we were sleeping there again tonight. The furniture was getting delivered tomorrow. We all gathered round the TV Sam fell asleep even though it was only4pm.Tom was cooking dinner tonight we woke Sam up and she said she didn’t want any. She hadn’t eaten anything all day. She must have felt ill. She fell back asleep. We left her some food just incase she wanted any. She woke up because she must have been really hungry. She got the food of the side and just picked at it. She went back to sleep. Nath was really worried so he called Jayne. Jayne said it was proberly nerves for tomorrow we all completely forgot tomorrow was her CD signings. She didn’t wake up for the rest of the night.


    End Of Part 14


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