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    Part 9 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



    My POV:

    I ran over to the tea machine again. Nath’s like a stalker so he followed me. We got called by Jayne as we had to get to work. Because we had a late night last night Alannah fell asleep. Tom wrapped her up in a blanket and kissed her check. I stood there going ‘aww’ I felt really awkward because I was the only one who said anything. Anyway so we got to work.




    Alannah’s POV:

    I fell asleep in the studio as we had a late night but I was awake now I heard the guys singing it sounded really good. I was scared to walking as I might of disturbed them but Tom just winked at me and Sam waved. I was really happy today. When they finished they all came out the sound prove room and I asked Sam if she wanted me to go flat searching while she was working she said that would be really helpful so I grabbed my handbag brushed my hair and left the studio with Jayne.


    My POV:

    We were just recording the chorus then Alannah walked in I waved. We finished recording the chorus so we went out to speak to her. She offered to go flat hunting I liked that idea as it would save a lot of time.




    Nathan’s POV:

    I was on my phone as we were on a brake I had a message from Chloe. I opened it, it said ‘Have you asked her yet?’ I replied with no. I was sat with Sam so I didn’t want to ignore her so I put my phone away. We were both sat there drinking tea. Haha I have finally fount someone who loved tea as much as I did. I was really happy. I was wondering if I asked Sam out would it ruin our friendship if she said no. I was really nervous about asking her.


    Chloe’s POV:

    I’m starting to get annoyed at Nath he won’t ask out Sam. I know if they got together they will be so cute together. They were made for each other.


    My POV:

    So finally we got a brake we had been in the recording studio for 5 hours. I was tired but really happy I get to do a duet with the boys. I tweeted ‘finally getting my big break that I needed.’ I also texted Alannah and asked her how the flat hunting was coming along. She replied with good witch put a smile on my face. I texted her ‘don’t be gone too long!’ she didn’t reply. You know that really awkward moment when no-one talks yep that was happening between me and Nath. We were talking fine then he got a text and sort of shut up after then. I dunno what the text read but I was suspicious. We all got called back to the studio and carried on with the song.




    Alannah’s POV:

    Me and Jayne got back to the studio at9pmI heard the song was going well I had loads of flat flyer advertisers. Me and Jayne heard that the song was nearly done witch was apparently really good news and they’ve been in the studio not for long. I answered back ‘Not for long? They’ve been in there for 10 hours!’ Jayne laughed and said ‘That’s good normally a bands in the recording studio for 22 hours on one song.’




    My POV:

    We finally finished the song and Alannah was back! So we got in the car and went to Tom’s flat. We arrived. Me and Nath sat on the spinney chair. While the rest of the sat of the floor. Nath pulled up a table. We placed all the flat flyers on the table and put the into yes no and maybe piles. We planned on calling them tomorrow as it was11:30pm. We were all shattered so we all fell asleep. I opened my eyes and looked at my phone it was4:30am.


    End Of Part 9


    Sorry if your not included in this one I’m trying my hardest to fit everyone in!

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