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    One Direction/The Wanted fanfiction

    Two Hearts One Story

    Part 3

    The next day-


    I awoke fairly early to a knock on the door, I groaned as I climbed out of bed making my way towards the front door

    I rubbed my eyes before I answered the door ‘Oh hi Nath’ I said

    ‘Morning B, did I wake you?’ he asked then smiled that famous smile that makes me go weak at the knees

    ‘Well yeah but its okay’ I smiled as I let him come in ‘What’s up?’ I asked

    ‘Nothing, was just wondering if you wanted to hang out?’ he smiled, I smiled back

    ‘I’d love too. Let me go get ready first, I look a mess’ I giggled

    ‘You look beautiful’ he mumbled

    ‘What?’ I asked as I stood up and headed towards the door

    ‘Nothing’ he replied and smiled. I smiled back and headed upstairs


    Nathan’s POV

    When Bella opened the door I was speechless again, I swear she gets more beautiful every time I see her. I’d planned a little something for her; I’m going to ask her out today I just hope no-one interrupts us


     I made her put a blindfold on as I took her hand. I didn’t want her seeing anything yet, she looked absolutely stunning, she’d straightened her long brown hair, she had a little amount of makeup on that brought out her blue eyes, she’s perfect in my eyes

    End of POV

    I had no idea where Nathan was taking me, but I was so excited. I had a blindfold on because I couldn’t see where we were going; I couldn’t hear anything apart from birds

    Once we’d stopped, he removed my blindfold, I gasped. He’d set up a picnic with all my favourite food, we were in the park next to our tree. There was tulips scattered along the blanket, the sun was about to rise. It was beautiful; there was a little pond with frogs on the lily pads. Then I noticed some flowers floating that said I Love You<3 I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, did Nathan really love me? I knew I was in love with him. I noticed I’d started crying, I couldn’t help but smile, no-one had ever done anything like this for me before


    ‘Bella? Are you okay?’ Nathan asked as he noticed my tears ‘Don’t you like it?’ he asked in a disappointed voice

    ‘Like it? I love it Nath’ I said as I wiped my tears away ‘No-one has ever done anything like this for me’ I said as I smiled ‘Why’ve you done this?’  I asked. I was curious, he looked really nervous

    ‘Well…’ he started ‘I have something I want to say’ I nodded for him to carry on ‘When I first met you there was something about you, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I was mesmerised by your beauty, I literally couldn’t speak, you take my breath away Bella you really do, I guess what I’m trying to say is…. I’ve fallen in love with you’ I was speechless, he felt the same way. I mean I kind of had an idea when we kissed yesterday but I didn’t know he felt like that

    ‘Do you really mean that?’ I asked he nodded ‘Because I’m in love with you too’ I smiled. He beamed and ran over to me. He tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear and wrapped his arms around my waist as he kissed me, both of us smiling into the kiss

    ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ he whispered breathless as he entwined our fingers together

    I nodded ‘Yes I will’ I smiled as he gave me another kiss. I was the happiest girl in the world


    Later that night-


    ‘Christine come on, we’ll be late’ I called; she was taking forever to get ready. We were going to the opening show of The Wanted’s tour, it was so exciting. We got front row seats

    ‘I’m coming’ she ran down the stairs ‘Come on, Wembley here we come’ she grinned as we got into her car


    We finally arrived, there was a hell of a lot of traffic, we parked across from the arena. We headed inside to be met by a lot of screaming fans. I smiled remembering the first time I saw The Wanted live, back then I was just a fan, now I’m a fan and the girlfriend of Nathan Sykes. I smiled again

    We showed the security guys our VIP passes and tickets, he showed us the way; I was so excited I wanted to jump up and down but I played it cool

    The door opened and I was met by a very excited and gorgeous looking Nathan, yep that’s my boyfriend ‘Hey babe’ he picked me up and spun me around making me giggle


    ‘Hey Nath’ I smiled; I rested my head on his shoulder. He kissed the top of my forehead making me smile even more ‘Are you excited?’ I asked as snuggled into him. Christine and Tom weren’t paying attention they were too busy playing ‘tonsil tennis’

    ‘Very excited, nervous though’ he replied pecking my lips

    ‘Why? You don’t need to be’ I said

    ‘Because my girlfriend’s watching’ he winked causing me to giggle

    ‘Well your girlfriend will be very proud, and knows you’ll be amazing as always’ I grinned

    ‘You’re amazing, do you know that?’ I shook my head in disagreement ‘Well you are’ I smiled ‘Oh yeah, some people want to meet you’ he took my hand as he led me to where some very stunning girls were ‘These are the guys’ girlfriends’ I smiled

    ‘This is Shelley Siva’s girlfriend’ she had blue eyes and light brown hair, she looked quiet shy but I’m sure she’s lovely, she’s stunning ‘This is Jordy Jay’s girlfriend’ she was pretty small but still stunning, she had mid length purple hair and brown eyes ‘And this is Cassie Max’s girlfriend’ she had blonde hair and blue eyes, she’s about 5 ft 4 she was also stunning.

    ‘Hello, nice to meet you all’ I said as I smiled at them. They were all so pretty

    ‘Nice to meet you too, Nathan’s never stopped talking about you’ Cassie explained. Nathan blushed; he looks so cute when he blush

    ‘Aww babe you’re so cute when you blush’ I said as I snuggled into him.

    ‘Why thank you, your not so bad yourself’ he winked. I couldn’t help but giggle, this guy was seriously perfect and he was all mine

    We took our seats as we waited for the concert to start, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I could tell tonight was going to be incredible


    One Direction will arrive in the next part :)


    Feedback is much appreciated


    Thank you


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