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    Part 4 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….




    Alannah’s POV:

    I heard nothing from Samantha all day I was starting to worry so I called her… answer! So I texted her ‘Sam haven’t heard nothing from you since the other night I know you must be having so much fun but please text’ no answer the thought that she lost her phone came into my head but then it left. She was always on her phone weather it’s twitter, texting or bbm she’s just like glued to it. Oh well!


    1 hour later


    Samantha’s POV:

    I woke up in Nathan’s flat on the sofa wrapped up in a Man U blanket. I checked my phone and I had one missed call and a text from Alannah I checked to see what time these happened and saw it was 1 hour ago. I phoned her back ‘Hi Alannah you called and texted?’ ‘Yeah I was getting worried thought you lost your phone or something’ ‘Me loosing my phone? Haha’ ‘Good point what did you get up to yesterday?’ ‘Ummm………..nothing’ ‘Haha you got to meet The Wanted did you!’ ‘Okay yes I did I spent the whole day with them and now I’m in Nathan’s flat as I had no-where to stay’ she replied with ‘You lucky bitch’ I just laughed and said ‘I have to go now’. As soon as I put down my phone Nathan walked in. He just had a shower so all he had was a towel wrapped round his bottom half. I gave him evil’s but knowing Nath with his banter he said ‘Hey don’t stare the towel might fall’ I just laughed. He asked me what I was doing today when I got back to Milton Keynes I replied with ‘Nothing much just going shopping with Alannah, Evie, Lottie, Ellie, Erin and Chloe’ he sort of looked at me and said ‘What’s up with girls and shopping?’ I replied with ‘I don’t have a fucking clue I guess it’s just a great way of hanging out with your mates’ he laughed ‘So the me and the guys ain’t up to nothing today so can we tag along’ playing it cool I just said ‘Yeah sure’ so I tried my best to freshen up but it was impossible I felt like a tramp because I slept in my clothes. Me and Nathan walked down stairs and the van was waiting so we climbed in.


    1 hour later


    We arrived at my house and I saw Alannah waiting outside my house well I knew it was her as she texted me ‘Waiting outside you house hurry up it’s freezing’ I replied with ‘What do you expect it’s November and were round the corner’ she didn’t reply. I got out the van then Nathan, Jay, Max, Tom and Siva followed. She started crying so I said to her ‘I know how you feel I was in tears yesterday as well anyway let’s get inside and I’ll make everyone a cuppa. I unlocked the door I told everyone to go it to the living room and make themselves comfortable. I walked straight into the kitchen and Nathan followed me he jumped up on the side I walked over to the kettle and filled it up I had to get 12 cups out of the cupboard he’s like ‘are you gunna have enough water?’ I replied with ‘No gunna have to do a fill up on water’ we left it as that. So I was just making the tea.


    Alannah’s POV:

    So Samantha ditched me making some tea and I was feeling so awkward in a room filled of my idols I will kill her when we get to the city…The door rang I jumped up and ran to the door I had to get out that room. Samantha and Nathan went to get it but I beat them haha. It was Chloe we had been talking recently as we were both Sam’s twitter best friends she was really kind and so supportive to Sam she walked pasted the kitchen the sort of rewinded her footsteps back to the kitchen door and said ‘Nath?’……


    Chloe’s POV:

    So today I was meeting Sam I travelled ages just so we could have a sleepover at her house. I knocked at her door and Alannah answered it. I stepped in the warmth of her house I was following Alannah into the living room but I saw a face that looked very similar so I just said ‘Nath?’ he looked up saw it was me jumped off the side and gave me a hug. I heard Sam mumble ‘awkward turtle’ I ran over and gave her a hug I couldn’t wait to meet her in person. I saw all the cups on the side she was making tea. Me and Nath walked into the living room to catch up. Why did I move away from Gloster? I asked myself. It was so much better thanSouthampton.


    Nathan’s POV:

    I can’t believe it was Chloe I’ve known her since preschool but she moved toSouthamptonwhen she was 14. So I haven’t seen her in 4 years we need to seriously catch up. Everyone was now here we all downed our lush cuppa while Sam got a shower then changed then we hit the road….again.


    Jay’s POV:

    So we were all on our way to the city centre and I still can’t believe my best friend is here I mean Erin lefted Nottingham when she was 5 so long time no see but I had an eye on a very beautiful girl named Evie I instantly asked her if she had twitter she answered yes so I followed both her accounts.


    End Of Part 4

    Sorry it’s so long wanted to fit that all in one bit sorry if your not mentioned yet! xxxxx


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