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    Part 24 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



    My POV:

    I woke up and Nath fell asleep lying next to me. Then Nath was woke up by the opening and closing of the door it was the nurse who had told me. She asked me if I had told him I replied with a nod. She said I would be discharged hopefully tomorrow but I shouldn’t get my hopes up. She saw Nath had a really big smile on his face the nurse asked if he was excited. He nodded with a tear running down his cheek, I gave him a big hug. The hug could have gone on for ages but it had to break up as I needed to be sick. Nath asked me what time it was I replied with ‘8am why?’ he said he was meeting up with the guys and they were going shopping. Nath shopping? I thought to myself. He must be desperate for some new hats. Evie was aloud to come down to my room for the whole day as she was getting discharged tomorrow, the same day as me. Nath asked me when I was going to tell the others, I shrugged and said I don’t know how to tell them. I didn’t want to tell my mum knowing how she would react.


    Nath’s POV:

    So today was the day I was going to purpose to Sam. I needed to go shopping to get her a ring. I knew sort of what she would like so when the guys turned up at the door Sam was sick again. I quickly walked over to her and asked if she was ok. I asked the nurse why she was being sick so much she replied as simple as she could ‘Nathan where she hasn’t ate that much and the baby’s now getting some food so she being sick because the baby’s not use to the food.’ That may have been the simple way of telling me but I still was confused as shit. I went and kissed Sam on the forehead and walked out the door. The guys asked where we were going shopping, I answered jewellers they patted me on the back and said are you sure? I replied with a big smile and said ‘I’m positive’


    Jay’s POV:

    Sam was sick as soon as we turned up at the door. Tom started to heave again witch was pretty funny. We turned around and started to walk outside the taxi was already there. We asked Nath on the way out ‘Where we going shopping’ he replied with ‘Jewellers’ we were all shocked then asked him if he was sure. He replied with a big grin on his face and said ‘I’m positive’


    Evie’s POV:

    So the guys had walked down to Sam’s room as Nath wanted to go shopping. Us girls were gunna go down there in a second we just needed to get me into my wheelchair. We turned up outside her room, we walked in and I said ‘Sam you look a lot better today’ she didn’t reply she just leant over to a bowl and was sick. I replied with ‘or not are you not telling us something?’ She replied with ‘No, course not I’m just really under the weather’ so we started talking for ages.




    The guys walked in and Nath looked nervous, excited and pale.


    My POV:

    So the guys walked in Nath didn’t look so good. So I stood up and when to go kiss him, but then he got down on one knee my heart started to beat really fast. Then he got out a little black velvet box from his pocket, he then opened it there was the most beautiful diamond ring he went to ask me the question, my heart started to skip some beats. ‘Sam this feels like the right thing to do so, Samantha Joanne Shailer will you do me the honour and become my Mrs. Samantha Joanne Sykes’ I had a big grin on my face with tear pouring out of my eyes and I said ‘Of course’ everyone clapped and the girls started to cry. I said to Nath that my last name sounded really good as Sykes. He smiled we couldn’t kiss as I had been sick 4 times today. I nodded at Nath as if to say I’m going to tell them. He held my hand. I started to speak ‘Guys, me and Nath our gunna have to get married real quick if I want to fit into a wedding dress’ everyone looked at each other why could no-one understand me? ‘Guys I’m pregnant’ by this time I had tear just pouring down my face I gave everyone a hug and we all settled down with a cuppa.


    End Of Part 24

    Sorry it’s all about me again haha. Will be more parts being put in, in the next parts.


    Last bit for tonight as I’m working on my Fanbook as well!!

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