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    Part 17 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




    When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….




    Chloe’s POV:

    So getting my hair and make up done in front of everyone was really awkward but I trusted Sam to do a great job. The other night she made Lottie look amazing she was drinking tea (as usual) her and Nath we like proper addicted to it. Sam walked out the room just to see if her dad was still here and he was so Sam went and made him a tea. She walked back into the room and carried on doing my hair….. So Sam finished doing my hair and make up I just needed to get changed. I quickly put on my cream and black dress and the walked down the stairs. I saw a guy not knowing if he was mine orErin’s date. He took me by the hand and said ‘you must be Chloe’ I replied with a little shy ‘yes’ he seemed really sweet so I got my bag off the side and left. I had a feeling tonight was going to be good.


    Erin’s POV:

    So Chloe called dibs on Sam’s magic hands so I had to get ready for my date by myself. Sam was really good at hair and make up I pasted Chloe going up the stairs she looked beautiful and there was me still in some joggers. I quickly done my hair and make up put on my dress and ran down the stairs, slipped my heels on grabbed my bag then there was a knock. Lottie opened the door and there stood a fit guy. I stood there knowing he was my date. He lifted his arm so we could link arms and that was the start of an amazing date.


    Chloe’s POV:

    We arrived at this posh restaurant I climbed out the car and walked in with Brandan. It was like an adults only restaurant I loved it. We were getting on really well. I’ve got to admit he’s really cute but I haven’t known him for long for all I know he could be a complete prick. Sam said he’s fine, he’s no trouble. I was guessing them 2 have dated before. He seemed really kind, then he told me how much trouble he was. He had been kicked out all the schools in his area. I weren’t to sure if he was still like that but I guess it was worth a try. We got on really well. We had finished our meal but we didn’t want to go back straight away so we just went for a walk in the park. We sat down and he started being really sweet and soppy. We got up and headed back to the road where a taxi could pick us up from.


    Erin’s POV:

    We had a great meal and then we walked out the restaurant. Charlie was really sweet he had a great past. We went on a walk and he took me by the hand and explained how he had a great night and would love to see me again. My tummy turned because I think I’m in love. I nodded my head with a big grin on my face. We got a taxi back to the flat, he walked me to the door and kissed me on the cheek. I walked in and everyone was still there well except Sam’s dad. I had a big cheeky grin on my face. They all asked me how it went but I didn’t want to tell the guys so I just said I had a great time knowing that I would tell the girl everything later. There was a knock at the door it was Chloe and Brandan they looked so cute together. Sam got up and gave Brandan a hug I didn’t know why to be honest I don’t think anyone did.


    Sam’s POV:

    SoErincame home with a big cheeky grin on her face I could tell she had a great time. 5 minuets after that there was a knock at the door, I knew it would be Chloe and Brandan. I shot up like a dart to go answer it, I opened the door and gave Brandan a big hug as I hadn’t seen him in months. I’m guessing everyone thought something different I invited him in and made him a cuppa. We stuck on a DVD and sat there for the rest of the night. I fell asleep half way through the film, yes cuddled up to Nathan. He was just so god damn comfy.


    Ellie’s POV:

    So Sam just hugged Brandan we were all guessing why but we weren’t gunna ask her right in front of him. We stuck on a DVD Sam fell asleep first she was all cuddled up to Nath as well it was so sweet.Erinfelt a little left out so she went to her room and fell asleep. Brandan left after finishing his tea. So Chloe fell asleep me, Siva, Alannah and Tom were the last to fall asleep. It was so funny as we were pranking everyone while they were sleeping. It was really funny we decided to call it a night at2am.  


    End Of Part 17


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