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My names Samantha. I'm 12 years old. I love to sing. The Wanted are 100% my life!! plz sign my twitition http://twitition.com/5g4ho/

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Part 15 – 1st ever Fanfic sorry is it’s bad!




When your lips touch mine it’s the kiss of life………….



Erin’s POV:

Morning came and Sam had slept all night. She had slept for 14 hours. Bless her she was really excited but really nervous. She was shaking like a leaf. Nathan went to go calm her down. She walked out the kitchen and back into the living room. She was pale white and looked really ill but that didn’t stop her smiling as usual. Sam was always a happy person it took a lot to annoy her. She sat down on the sofa and picked at her breakfast. We were being like her parents telling her she had to eat something as she had a long day in front of her. Everyone was going to the signing so Sam had to call someone to sit in the flat and wait for our furniture. She said she weren’t gunna call her nan as she didn’t like her nan that much. She also knew if she gave her nan her address her nan would be round like everyday. So she called her cousin Tara who also loved to sing so she feltTarawould understand more. There was a knock at the door Sam ran to go answer it. It was her cousin Tara, Sam had invited her round so she could meet us all. Sam introduced Tara ‘everyone this is my cousin Tara she once auditioned for X-factor but sadly didn’t get through, she’s now studying at collage to become a midwife’ Sam told Tara to sit down while she got dressed.Tarasat down obviously feeling uncomfortable with all us. Sam came out the bathroom got her shoes on and left to showTarathe flat.


10 minuets later


Sam knocked at the door and Nathan answered it. She walked in and Jayne following behind her. Sam had to get ready again. So she straightened her hair and put on a pair of leggings, a top and a jumper. She wanted to be warm as there was still snow on the ground.


Lottie’s POV:

So we got into the van and I sat next to Max and held his hand. So did all the other couples. Sam felt really bad that Erin and Chloe were left out. So with my help we got them both a date tomorrow. Sam called her friend Brandon for Chloe andBrandon’s known as a sort of player so she told him not to hurt her. I called my friend Charlie forErinI knew they would suit and make a good couple. We arrived at the signings Sam was nearly sick because she was worried no-one would turn up. But the line went out the shop a big grin appeared on Sam’s face. We all went round the back. Sam walked round the promoting boards and smile she also added in a little wave. She sat down and we all grabbed a chair and sat by the table. Sam was so happy. She was so kind to all her fans. She got great comments about her voice. So when she got home she was going to do a twitcam.


4 hours later


Sam loved the signings and she didn’t care how long she was there for she wanted to get through all her fans. So Sam had finished the signings we all gave her a big hug as she just done a signing with 600 fans her hand must have felt like it was gunna drop off. Nathan was so proud of Sam so they hugged for ages. Anyway it was time to go. We arrived back at Nathan’s flat I really don’t blame Sam for collapsing on the sofa. It was a long 4 hours. We felt as though we had to celebrate so we went to a restaurant booked a table for all of us. We sat down to dinner.


Alannah’s POV:

So we all sat down to dinner. The food was amazing and now we had finished our dinner. I knew Tom would want to go clubbing. Everyone agreed to go and I couldn’t wait. We arrived at the club called ‘Hollywood’ we all walked down the stairs. Sam bought the first round. We all got up on the dance floor even though none of the boys could dance. Sam and Nathan went to get some shots. Me and Tom went to get some and joined in there game. By the time that was over Tom was steaming sadly Tom got into a fight with someone so we all got kicked out. We headed back to Nathan’s as our furniture was still in boxes. We couldn’t wait to see the result of our flat. Sam was a really good designer so we all asked her to design our rooms. We all arrived outside Nath’s flat Sam was the least drunk so she ran up the stairs and opened the door she ran in and jumped on the sofa and fell asleep. Whereas us lot just walked up the stairs and fell asleep on the rug.


End Of Part 15


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