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As you know, is a powerful twitter client that lets you post videos and images in a RichTweet.

A normal tweet has a maximum of 140 characters which is tough to work with. Fullstory lets you share your full story with your followers on twitter through their powerful RichTweet feature. You can now tweet as many characters as you wish and format your content. This comes in handy if you are used to writing long posts and 140 characters just doesn't cut it. You can embed images and videos thus making your tweets more interactive. The best thing about Fullstory is that you do not have to sign up, by authenticating it to access your twitter profile you will be posting longer tweets. When you publish your tweet the extra characters will be compressed into a URL that your followers can open and read the entire content. The best thing about is that you get to post long tweet absolutely free. is well designed and has great features required to format text which your followers will love.

Scheduling a Tweet

Fullstory lets you schedule a tweet and it will tweet it for you. The application lets you keep your twitter account alive. If you are busy or you know that you will be unavailable, this feature will come in handy. The process of automating your tweets is quite easy. You start by drafting your tweet on fullstory then setting the time and day you would like the application to tweet on your behalf. This feature is quite handy as you can create as many drafts as you would like and then create a schedule of when fullstory will tweet them. If you know that you will be preoccupied at a certain time then you can use this feature to keep your followers engaged. Followers might start unfollowing your account when it becomes dormant and tweet automation will keep them engaged. Take some time and draft tweets on the applications and then proceed to set the time each tweet will appear. This lets your twitter account stay active and new followers will be enticed to follow you. Scheduling a tweet is free and you will fall in love with it.

Recurring tweets

Twitter has a strict feature that prevent accounts from having duplicate tweets. Well, with fullstory you can post recurring tweets anytime you want. If you are a marketer or promoting a product, you do not have to keep on creating new unique tweets about your product. This feature is vital as it increases awareness of your product due to recurring tweets. However, this a premium feature and is very convenient for you the marketer. Fullstory wants you to create awareness about your product and win over more clients. Having a huge number of tweets helps your product trend giving you huge audience. You can configure what the recurring tweet will contain, set the number of times it will be repeated and then leave the rest to fullstory. Your recurring tweet can also contain RichTweet content which helps give an in-depth overview of what you have to offer. To prevent your followers from getting bored due to duplicate tweets, you can opt to schedule new tweets. You can still use your twitter account normally and the recurring tweet feature will still work as per configuration.

Multi-account access

Fullstory supports multi-account access, this lets you manage your accounts from one centralized application. This comes in handy when one is marketing products or services. With multi-account access, you can control your accounts easily and never worry about your accounts going dormant. You can employ all features that fullstory has to offer in the management of multiple accounts. Just visit and allow access to your accounts using Twitter's secure authorization gateway. The website will give you access to your accounts and help you manage them. One single post can be tweeted by all your accounts simultaneously which makes account management easier. You can schedule tweets, post RichTweet and post recurring tweets in all your accounts comfortably using this application. If you still want your accounts to maintain different personas you can opt to publish customized tweets. Multi-account access is vital to all those looking to market their product by having multiple twitter profile push tweet about their product and services. You can embed YouTube videos to your tweets and get more views thanks to multi-account access which helps your channel grow immensely.